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Today I am revisiting this blog post that has continuously been my top viewed post for the past two years {you may have also seen this image posted on Pinterest}!  It's a great classroom management post and a good way to get you thinking for next year {for those of you over-achievers}.
I have used this fun little classroom management tool in my room for four years and it is HANDS DOWN the BEST way to get your kiddos transitioned in a timely and quiet manner.  I've used this with both my first graders and kindergartners.  
This year {since I went back to kindergarten and no longer had individual desks, instead had tables} I placed the magnetic holders on my dry-erase board in front of the class.  It worked just the same...wonderfully! :)


I love playing little 'classroom management' games with my kiddos!  My first graders LOVE to play the "beat the teacher" game.  How to play "beat the teacher:" I have an area on my dry erase board where I write "Mrs. McHaffie vs. Class," every time a student calls out an answer or something of that nature I get a tally mark.  Every time the students raise their hands, THEY get a tally!  Whoever has the most tally at the end of the day wins!!  So simple and easy and the kids LOVE it and it really helps with calling out!

Sparklers is a version of a game I was introduced to when I was interning.  These cute little "sparkle balls" as my kiddos call them are from your local craft store.  I got the magnetic holder to place on each group of desks {I've grouped together 5 desks to make a "clump island" :)  }  from the Dollar Tree!!

Here's how the Sparklers work:  When we transition from one area of the room to our individual desks, each "clump" has an opportunity to earn a sparkler for their "island."  Once the "island" has earned 6 sparklers they earn some type of reward.  They earn a Sparkler by going to their desks quickly and quietly, getting out their needed materials, and showing me they're ready to work and/or listen for directions.  This helps with making transitions run smoothly and we are able to get right to their next lesson!  

Their rewards are NEVER food and/or candy. I reward with them with things like: a choice of a new eraser or pencil to add to their 'toolbox' or I might let them be the first to line up for the rest of the week.  Something easy and simple like that!  The best part is... the kiddos L O V E it and really encourage one another to earn Sparklers for their group!!  It's so fun being in first grade!

Any cute and fun classroom management ideas from the "peanut gallery"?  :)


  1. What a fun way to keep track. I use boring old table points. I am off to the craft store to get fun pom poms! CUTE! Thanks for sharing!


  2. We do table points, too, and I have a spot on the chart as well. It so funny when one of the babies recognizes undesirable behavior, and says, "You should get a point for that!" So cute!

    I love your Sparkles idea. I may just have to incorporate those cute pompoms somehow. :)

  3. I do a mystery motivator... for example I have stuffed animal spelled out on individual cards. Every time they get a compliment I turn one over. Once all cards are turned over they get the reward. They love it and so do I!

  4. This is SO cute! I have been wanting to do 'table points' of some sort with my class but haven't really figured out exactly what I want. This idea is great! Thanks so much! :)

  5. We currently use a classroom chart to monitor several aspects of our day. Each student has a row across that is divided up into sections for classroom jobs, behavior choices and bathroom breaks
    Jobs they are responsible for during the Daily 5 are listed on the chart and they put a tag up when it is complete. Two children are responsible for choosing five students in each category at the end of work time and ensuring that the work is completed. (They do not monitor accuracy, just that the expectations are met.) Additionally each child has two bathroom tags that they can use anytime during the day except group lessons. They get two tags a week and when these two tags are gone they have to walk on the track for five minutes of their next recess. This encourages the children to use the restroom during recess, before and after school, lunch, etc. but still allows for those truly necessary times during the day.
    Finally, there is a section where children put up 3 tags in the morning for turning in their folder, greeting a teacher, etc. Basically things that teach them manners and responsibility for self but are easy to do and they consider them "freebies." Throughout the day, teachers can add more tags in this section (up to 5) for good behavior or remove tags for bad choices. The children's goal is to end the day with 5 tags. When they have a specific number of days with 5 tags they can choose from a box of misc. treats (pencils, books, small animals, etc.)
    The best part for the children is choosing their own tags. I printed several pages of google images that appeal to my children and laminated them. They are eager to get the ones they want so they get all of their jobs done efficiently. They also love to check and see which tags the teachers have put on throughout the day so they keep close monitor of the chart but since it is fairly small - each picture is smaller than an inch square - it is not as easy to check on their classmates as it would be with a stoplight chart or something larger.

  6. I love the idea of me vs them. It is super easy and I can totally play that up! I can't wait to try this! Thank you oh so much for the idea!

  7. This is adorable! I am definitely trying this one with my Kinders! Thank you for sharing! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  8. Such great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing :)


  9. Soooo glad I found you!!!! ♥ing your blog! This is sooooo stinkin' cute!!! I ♥it! I'm having a "life saving teacher tips" linky party and would LOVE for you to link up with this!!!;)
    Little Warriors

  10. Love your ideas! Can't wait to get some sparklers for my classroom! Thank you!

  11. Love this! I use warm fuzzies, but I might like the sound of sparklers better :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  12. Hey! I love these ideas. I am going to be sharing with my readers next Friday more ideas on group rewards. Do you mind if I link them to your post here? Thanks so much!
    April from

  13. such a cute idea! Please check out my blog :)
    I'm new to this!

  14. Love the fun ideas! I would love to see a place where I can sign up for your blog to come to me via email! Then I could be sure I never missed anything! :)

  15. I would love to hear if anyone has ideas on how to adapt to a jr/sr high classroom...

  16. Super cute!

  17. Beat the teacher! What a great game! I could use it with my third graders. Found your blog from the Throwback linky. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    Third Grade Galore


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