Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pete the Cat FREEBIE!

What primary student (and teacher) doesn't love Pete the Cat?
My kiddos have been loving reading all our fun Pete the Cat themed books!
With their predictable text and their engaging illustrations, what better way to review color words AND teach cause and effect than reading this awesome book:

The song can be found HERE along with all things Pete the Cat!

I wanted to work on cause and effect with my kiddos, as well as work on our color words.  This was the perfect book.
As we read, we stopped to discuss what the cause was and what the effect was.  They did awesome!

We then completed the following reader's response.

Don't you love the water 'squishing out' of the shoes! :)

You can download the response sheet HERE. 

Happy Saturday!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Five for Fraturday!

I try and I try and I can never make it happen on a Friday! 
What's that saying…"There's no tired like teacher tired on a Friday"
That rings very true for this preggo teacher. :)

Here's what we've been up to.

We have been working hard on our reading stamina as we prepare to implement the Daily Five {it will really only be 3 rotations a day} in our classroom.  I have used the Daily Five method for the past five years and will always use it. I love the 'Sisters' and what they have taught me!

Also..don't mind the extension cord that this poor sweet boy is laying on. We have yet to get our technology pieces mounted, so taped extension wire it is! :)

Zero the Hero visited our room this week! We learned all about the number zero. We started by reading the book, then watched a quick clip on teachertube, and made these adorable little zero the hero masks while we searched for the numbers with zeros on the end {when we count by 10's}. 

They were too cute! 
Here's the book we read:

Click to check it out

The activity we completed with our Zero the Hero masks:
Click to check it out…it's a freebie!

We've been practicing our colors and color words all week with a little help from Frog Street Press and my corresponding Rainbow of Colors book!
We first learn the adorable song that goes with each color word, brainstorm a list of items that are that specific color, and then complete our pages in our book.  We are doing really great with spelling color words.

You can check out my Rainbow of Colors book by clicking the image below.
Click HERE for the Canadian version.

I must say…I am in love with this adorable little craft and bulletin board idea from Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies.  It's perfect for beginning of the school year and Open House on Monday! :)

I will say, I did have everything already pre-cut for them. It was more of a 'following directions' and 'working on gluing' project. From previous experience, I wasn't ready to let them cut, glue, and follow multi-step directions during the second week of kindergarten. lol

You can find this adorable craft along with other great beginning of the year activities HERE

Another great resource we've been using this year comes from non-other than Cara Carroll. She literally is my 'go-to' girl! 
We are working on numbers 1-5 (with a splash of zero) and really 'digging deep' with number sense. Her Don't Forget my Number packet is perfect for any primary class! She has number anchors 1-20, multiple recording sheets to extend students learning, multiple hands-on and engaging activities to be placed in math tubs, used as whole group lesson, or small group games, and SO, SO, much more!

Check it out HERE!

What a busy and exciting week for us in kinderland!
Now onto getting lesson plans done for week four. :)
Happy weekend, friends!

Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently

My favorite part of every month!

Seriously….have you guys been watching this ridiculous show 'Bachelor in Paradise?'  I mean it's like watching a train wreck.  It's so bad, but I can't not watch! ha!  

Well I turned 30 this past Saturday.  
I don't feel any different. Should I?  Should I feel "older" or, even, wiser?

This is me at the beach today. 30 and 27 weeks preggo.
My hair's a mess. I forgot my sunscreen. I was craving beer hardcore. But…I got to spend lots of time with two of my great friends! Can't beat that!

I am praying for the next 13 weeks of my pregnancy to go nice and smoothly. As excited I am for the little man to get here, I feel like my list of things to do before he arrives is never ending!! Could be because I'm such a dang procrastinator.  It's bad.

I know my three vacay spots that I chose were not exactly specific, but seriously if I could go to any island in Hawaii for any amount of time I would. Same for Europe and Australia. 
So…whose gonna take me?! :)