Monday, January 20, 2014


Like my new look?

I am absolutely smitten with how it turned out.  Right before Christmas, I was wanting a change for the new year and it just so happened that Becca was having a Black Friday sale! I jumped on the chance and I am SO GLAD that I did!  

Becca was so easy to work with and dealt with my annoying indecisiveness flawlessly! :)  I highly recommend contacting Becca if you're thinking about giving your blog a little facelift! 

Thank you, Becca!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

5 for 'Fraturday' & a Quick GIVEAWAY!

PHEW! Anybody else have the longest, shortest week?  
I always forget how much review we need when we come back after two weeks off!  My kiddos were like a roller coaster   One minute they were well behaved and on-task, the next minute they were wild animals. It could have been that we were stuck inside all four days due to frigid weather and then rain (oh the joys of 'bipolar' Florida).  Either way, it was eventful and I am still tired.


National Champions!
I bet you can figure out what I did Monday night! :)  Living in a college town is an experience to begin with, but living in a college town when you're national champs…a whole new ball game!  I did not go to bed Monday night until after 2am!!!!  Between the fireworks that went off all over town all night and the ridiculous amount of hype and excitement, there was nothing I could do.  I knew I was going to need lots of coffee the next day.  It was beyond worth it! :)

On Tuesday, we celebrated the new year with Katie Mense's help!
Her New Year's packet was perfect for my kinders. How cute is our "Toast on Toast" craftivity?! swoon
The picture above says "Here's to my mom. May she always love me." double swoon

My Pete the Cat is in need of a diet, but here's my first ever door decoration. Notice the bricks?  Having a door that is outside and easily gets soaked due to rain, I don't like putting time and effort into something that has a good chance of getting destroyed.  HOWEVER, this year our administration firmly encouraged everyone to decorate their doors for Celebrate Literacy Week. 
My kiddos voted on Pete, so here he is…after preparing for hibernation apparently! :p

How cute are my little doctors?!  I like to change our housekeeping area every couple months/weeks into something different.  This month, we're at the Doctor's Office! 
Notice the patient on the chair?  That's a wheelchair! :) I looked over at the center and saw my sweet little girl pushing him around.  I watched closely (I thought they were just goofing off at first) and heard her saying "I need a doctor, this man has a broken leg!"  How stinkin' cute!!
You can check out my Yummy Pizzeria packet that I created to decorate my housekeeping area.  I'm in the process of finishing up my Doctor's Office pack. Stay tuned! 

On Tuesday, we started our unit on Penguins!!! I love this time of year.  Maybe even more than Fall {gasp}.  Teaching non-fiction is my favorite!  Not sure why I didn't get a pic of the inside of our book…next week.  
Since we didn't have a full week, we haven't really dived too deep yet.  We started by beginning with our schema file {what we do every time we start learning about nonfiction}.  They love using the word 'schema!'  
We only spent this week learning some of the basics of all penguins.  Next week, we will be diving really deep into nonfiction text and research to learn more about different types of penguins.  Lots of experiments, quick videos of real penguins, hands-on learning, and fun to come! yay!

Since I love penguins and nonfiction so much, I wanted to throw a quick giveaway to share my latest packet!

{click pic to read more about what's inside}

I will pick a winner tomorrow night at some point! :) 

*****Congratulations Cassie Thompson*****  
Check your email! :)

On to my Sons of Anarchy marathon! I just can't get enough!
Happy Saturday friends!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Currently it's JANUARY!

I know it's already day 5 of January but really, JANUARY??  
The older I get, the faster time flies!  
I am excited about this new year though.  Good things come to those who wait right?  I'll be 30 this year, so I'm hoping I won't have to wait too much longer! :)

Without further ado:


Listening - this doesn't really need an explanation! Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don't. Love that man though!

Loving - my sweet biffle got me hooked on Sons of Anarchy.  It took me a couple episodes to figure out what they were saying and what everything meant but I've got it now and in 2 weeks have finished 4 1/2 seasons!!! One more to go before I'm caught up!  My favorite part is Jax! um…yummy!

Thinking - I DON'T WANNA!  Tomorrow is a teacher planning day, so no kids BUT STILL!  {insert kicking, flailing arms, crying, and screaming}

Wanting - I live in Tallahassee.  Home of the Florida State Seminoles.  The #1 college football team of the year!  I am nervous.  I will have an anxiety attack. I will be drinking several glasses of wine and/or beer to ease the anxiety and blood pressure level BUT I am standing proud and rooting for the team I have rooted for since I was old enough to hold a garnet and gold pom-pom on my own! :)  I bleed garnet and gold!  REALLY hoping for a W-I-N tomorrow night!
Say a prayer for me!

Needing - If you read my last post {HERE} then you know why I need some deep stretching and possibly a massage! Today will be the 3rd day in a row that I am working out {a cross fit/boot camp style workout}.  When I tell you I'm sore, I mean I can barely walk or stand up straight without feeling every ache and pain on every inch of my body.  I know it will be worth it but DANGIT! 

Memory/Tradition - moments with family are what I loved most about this Christmas.  I got to spend time with my awesome parents, brother, in-laws, nieces, and nephews!  Great times and great memories.  
My favorite tradition (that I started) is drinking spiked eggnog while watching my favorite Christmas movies.  The hubs doesn't play along, so I do this (for the past two years at least) with my mom and girlfriends.  Love making memories with those I love most!

I hope the new year has been good to you so far! I can't wait to see what 2014 and the big Man upstairs has in store for me and my little family! :)

Real quick… I already posted my Penguin Non-fiction packet, however, I am adding several more pages (price will not change)!  Stay tuned for an update!
You can check out HERE and read about it HERE!

Friday, January 3, 2014

The better me!

2013 was the year of baby.  Starting in February last year, I began my 'go big or go home' workout routine to get my butt in the best shape I could come June (when we were going to start trying…yes, we had everything 'scheduled' out).  Like my dear friend, Kelley, I was athletic my whole childhood.  When I first got pregnant, I started doing some 'preggo yoga' but with morning sickness and such it didn't happen as often as I would have liked.  
Then, in October the 'tragedy' happened and well, I didn't do much.  Lies…I did nothing.  For the past 3 months I have not lifted a finger.

I literally carried a box of decodables from the front of my school to my classroom two days ago (which is practically part of the neighboring middle school rather than my actual campus) and my arms were sore the whole next day. 
 That is not okay.  At all.  When you're a smaller person every.single.pound shows.  I've gained 5 pounds (like I said, every pound shows) and have lost all definition/tone/athleticism.  In three months!  Last night was my 'no more' moment.  As I got ready for my nephews birthday dinner, I couldn't find anything to wear.  Not because I was being picky, but because I couldn't fit into anything. Confession: I wore a belly band. No more!


So I wrote that top part BEFORE I went to my first workout in, well…you read.
Let me tell you, that workout was not pretty.  Even after 4 hours, my legs and arms are still jello.  I must admit though.  It felt oh so good!!  

My goal (I don't' make resolutions…I'm never good at keeping them, then I get depressed and throw the whole thing out. I have to make lots of little, short term goals) this month is to be healthy. That means working out no less than 3 days (any day after 3 is a *bonus*) a week, getting more rest, and eating as healthy as I can (whatever that may be).  

Eating healthy …. my goal this last week was to have a 'green' smoothie every day this week.  I accomplished that goal, so I'm going to continue it but this time I'm going to add a lot more veggies to my smoothies. :)  I use the NutriBullet and love it! It comes with three cups sizes, lids, removable handles, and tons of recipes!  So far, so good! The pretty tumbler and festive straw always help

This is a great reference for making smoothies.

Click image to see full image

Here are my two favorite's so far:

I also add Flax Seed and Chai Seed to mine for added boost! :)

Here's how I plan to keep it up…

1. I took pictures of myself for 'before' shots.  NO, you can't see them!!!!!!  I only showed my "biffer" (best friend for lifer) and any time I'm feeling lazy and need motivation she will only say this to me "before,"  but her snarl and glare will scare me enough into going! Ha!  Point being, find someone or something to be your constant motivation and accountability partner.  You need them. At least until you start making it a habit and go without any whining or retrain.

2.  Continue to set realistic short term goals.  I set goals by the day/week/month.  No more than a month though.  This way I feel a sense of accomplishment each and every day.  When I set long-term goals, I get unmotivated quick, especially without fast results.  Then, I get mad at myself and the downward spiral into unhealthy hell unleashes.  It is what it is.  

3.  Preparation.  This is key in my success.

Click the image to head to original image AND to find smoothie recipes!

I'm a lazy person.  I just am.  If my job could be just living, I would nail it!  But that's not my job or my life so preparation will save me.  I plan on preparing all my smoothies and lunches for the week on Sundays.  I will be more likely to eat better and continue my success if I'm prepared.  Just like teaching.  You are always a better teacher when you're prepared. 
Well, I'm going to be a better ME because I'm prepared. Dangit!

You're hearing (well, reading) it first here… 2014 will be the year of Kelly! :)

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