Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Did ya catch it?!

So in my state of exhaustion last night I uploaded my new spring packet having read over every page 80 billion at least two times each and still had an oopsy...
AND it was on the cover page! Instead of "Spring Fever" it read "Sping Fever"
Oh. My. Word.  
How did I miss that?! 

Anywho..I've uploaded the edited version at my TPT store!
I'm so excited about it and so are the kiddos.  We started several of the centers today and will be completing the bean seed observation log starting Friday! 
This is by far my favorite season! I love spring and all the fun activities that come along with it {and, of course, the weather too}

Ok.  Here's the updated version:

check it out HERE

Take a peak and tell me what you think!

Monday, March 26, 2012

holy moly

WOW!!  What a busy {but not really} past week and a half! 
Last week I was on Spring Break and I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed every. single. bit. of. it. SERIOUSLY...I did not do a THING related to school and it was FANTABULOUS!  I managed to do everything I wanted to do, which included:
lay by the pool
lay by the beach
accidentally get burned
drink fun cocktails
finish reading the Hunger Games series 
go see the Hunger Games
spend countless hours browsing Pinterest
spend countless hours browsing BlogLand
watch reality tv
SLEEP, SLEEP, and SLEEP some more! :)

After all that relaxation it was time to get it together and finish my spring unit!
I'm so stinkin excited!  It's 63 pages of all things spring.  Well, not Easter.  I did manage to squeeze one Easter thing in there but this year I have a sweetie who DOES NOT celebrate any holidays.  Since I was creating this unit based on my kiddos this year, this is what you get:

 Find this awesome packet HERE!

This packet includes items for you to create these with your kiddos:

 I'm so proud of myself for really getting in there and finishing this massive mini-unit!  I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it!
I hope you find it useful and wonderful and cutesy...because that is my goal!

Today was a Teacher Planning Day and I'm so glad it was because I did nothing but talk all day and then in the last three hours of being there I squeezed in some lesson plans and a little "spring cleaning."
The kiddos come back tomorrow and when they arrive they will see our room in chaos.  On the Friday before spring break my sweet firsties spent HOURS creating leprechaun traps for the little sneaky leprechauns that were going to be sneaking through our room on Saturday {St. Patty's Day}.  SO, needless to say my room is a disaster {which I CAN'T stand} with green glitter, wrecked traps, green foot prints {will show pics tomorrow}, and a note from Lenny the Leprechaun!  PHEW! I hope they really go nuts when they see it all! :)

Okay.  I'm exhausted.  I'm suppose to be in bed by now getting my full 8 hours before rising to head to school but I'm too into Bethany Ever After right now {she's BY FAR my favorite Housewife gone MEGA-star!!!!}

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Here's to luck...

I know I don't have much, but I would love to offer you this treat!

I am heading to my St. Paddy's Day pool party! I hope to soak up lots of sun and have a green cocktail! Cheers! :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

new kid on the block {and freebie!}

There's a new blog on the block {at least to me} and I am so glad she sent me over to her blog!  Meet Lori from Teaching with Love and Laughter.  She is a 17 year veteran in education and has taught grades PreK-5! With her knowledge and experience she brings FABULOUS ideas to blogland that really keep kiddos engaged and in love with learning!!  

You HAVE to swing by her blog and check out her classroom pics!  I am OBSESSED with her writing center posters and anchor charts!!!  Her writing scale and "I can write about" wall is EXACTLY what I've been wanting to incorporate into my writing area and is so stinkin cute!  She also has started her own TPT store that is FULL of wonderful writing activities, center created posters, and much more.  She's also having a giveaway RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
 Lori is going to be one to keep an eye on. I can tell she's going to be bringing a lot of wonderful things to this little blog world.  She bursts with cuteness!! :)

After you spend some time checking out her blog and TPT store come on back and snag this number line freebie!  I can't express enough how much this super simple game has really evolved into the "go to" math workstation in my room and has made my sweet firsties really latch on and master addition and subtraction strategies! I know that most of us are visual learners and enjoy seeing pictures of games/centers in action so I PROMISE to do my darndest to remember to snap a quick shot of my kiddos playing the game this week! 
Side note: I'm not too happy with the number font selection.  I really was looking for a darker green number font to use and COULD NOT find one anywhere! I'm talking I spent some time HOURS searching the web.  So, if you know where I can find some super cute green number font to better match the clipart PLEASE let me know and I will switch it out!  Also, this number line is being added to my Number Line Extravaganza packet that is available at my TPT store, so if you've already purchased the packet you will need to download the newer version.

I'm so happy there is one week left until spring break!!!!  I can not wait to get my toes back in the sand and to smell like sweaty suntan lotion! :)  I'm hoping to not be translucent when I return back to work!!!