Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pete the Cat FREEBIE!

What primary student (and teacher) doesn't love Pete the Cat?
My kiddos have been loving reading all our fun Pete the Cat themed books!
With their predictable text and their engaging illustrations, what better way to review color words AND teach cause and effect than reading this awesome book:

The song can be found HERE along with all things Pete the Cat!

I wanted to work on cause and effect with my kiddos, as well as work on our color words.  This was the perfect book.
As we read, we stopped to discuss what the cause was and what the effect was.  They did awesome!

We then completed the following reader's response.

Don't you love the water 'squishing out' of the shoes! :)

You can download the response sheet HERE. 

Happy Saturday!


  1. Love the freebie! Thanks for sharing! The link's not working though :(


  2. Is there any way you can send me this by email? When I click on the link, the page is gone. Would love to use this for my kiddos.

    1. I have been looking for it too. :(

    2. I am looking for it also! Looks like a GREAT follow up to our cause and effect lesson

  3. Hello! This looks like a wonderful sheet to use with the book. I'm having a hard time finding the link though :(

  4. The link doesn't take me to the right download.

  5. I'm also unable to find the link :(


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