Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday {July 11}

I just love this little linky party!  I love going back into the archives of my blog and I love getting to read everyone else's as well!
Today's #tbt is all about Parent-Teacher communication and a classroom management tool.  It is something I use every.single.year and have even gotten every primary teacher in my school to use!  They are awesome! The original post was posted on June 24, 2012.


Next up a communication tool that I use every year and LOVE!
I use a parent-teacher communication binder as a way to keep in touch with parents on a daily basis.  The idea is to keep the parents actively involved with their child's daily education/school "life" and give the students something to be responsible for.  
Each year at the end of the year I give parents a survey and ask them to "grade" me on my communication skills and give me any praise/advice.  Each year I receive numerous comments on my binders.  They LOVE them! They like being able to hold their children accountable (with behavior and homework) and like that they can easily see what their child is learning and how they are doing.  So with that said, I created a new version of my FISH Book and while I was at it created three other binders (some were requested by fellow colleagues).

You can check them out at my TPT Store
Woohoo! So proud of myself for getting those done! :)


I've updated all of the above and added a few more.  Here are some the binders I have in my store! MOST can be personalized when opening document in Adobe Reader (instructions included in packet).  Still to come: FARM book, updated SAILOR book, OWL book, ROCKSTAR book, CAMP book, HORSE book, and some more. :) Click the pictures to check them out!

If you live in Florida or a state close to Florida, click HERE.
Have a great Thursday, friends!


  1. Maybe a very dumb question... are they all essentially the same, just a different theme?? I saw your Sailor one, that is my theme this year, and a few days ago added it to my wish list. I see that you are updating it, should I wait to purchase?

    1. Not a dumb question at all. Yes, they are all the same just different themes. I'm just working on making the Sailor one a little 'cuter!' However, if you purchase it now and then redownload it once I've update it, you'll have BOTH versions! :)


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