Friday, July 5, 2013


I am pretty excited about this new weekly linky party!  It's all about sharing your favorite pins from the week!!  I'm not sure about you, but I enjoy spending some time on Pinterest.  I find that I spend more time on there than blogging during the summer! {gasp}  If you wish to follow me, click HERE.

Here are some of my favorite pins from this week:

Teacher-related Pins:

My school is big on having a four-leveled rubric scale for all grades.  I have used a three-level self-assessment scale for my kinders for the past two years, but when I found this nifty little freebie I snagged it quickly.  This is a freebie that also comes with small bookmark size scales from Third Grade Doodles.  Click the picture to head to her TN store.

This is a genius idea and I'm so sad that it does not link back to the original poster.  :(  One "con" for Pinterest.
If this is your brilliant idea, please let me know so I can give credit.
These are facial cloths from the Dollar Store.  Here's the "aha"... Use them as dry-erase board erasers!!  Genius I tell ya!  I am going to get a class set and use them in our seat bags {more on that later this summer}.  love

Food Loving Pins:

I love breakfast foods.  I could eat breakfast yummies everyday all day long!  Pair it with the following pin and I'm in heaven!

Seriously!  How delicious does this look?  I can already taste it!  
No, I am not an alcoholic.

Click picture to head to where this pin apparently came from. :)

Do I even need to explain why I love this so much?! 
I wanna make this for every.single.occasion. in life!

DIY Pins:

I will be doing this to my filing cabinets at school the second I'm allowed back in!  Are you loving chalkboard paint as much as I am?

My other obsession...burlap! This is so fantastic.

Baby-Related Pins:
The hubs and I are finally at the point in our life when babies are on our minds!  These pins are for when the time comes.

This is seriously the neatest idea EVER.  You take all the text messages sent to and from during the day our your child's birth and then turn it into a memory book.  I so love this and will be doing it!

I just absolutely love this.  
This one did not provide a link back to an appropriate site.

Random Love:

My husband calls me this every night that he makes me wait to eat!
I've already purchased this little gem.

No link back.
I bleed garnet and gold and will till the day I die. 
Love those Seminoles!!

That was fun!  Now I'm off to check out all the fun things you've pinned!
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  1. You had some great pins. Loved the scale rubric pin.

  2. Ahhh!!! You know I am LOVING that Seminoles pin! :-) I also love your baby pins. That bib is adorable!!
    Learning Is Something To Treasure

  3. LOL! I love the mug! I am usually like that as well! I also like the Fist to 4! Great idea!

    The Bilingual Teacher

  4. I like the idea of taking your texts from the day the baby is born and putting them into your pic album. Of course, I was soooo out of it that day, I didn't text one person. At the time, I didn't have a smartphone (they were pretty new at the time) so I don't even remember taking my phone to the hospital!


  5. I love the chalkboard filing cabinet. I wish we were allowed to paint ours!
    La Señorita Creativa

  6. What great pins!!! I'm LOVING the text message baby book. You could add facebook updates and messages too. My husband and I have babies on the brain too!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  7. WooHoo - Go Noles!!!!!!!!!
    Connie (class of '94)

  8. Kelly I love your scale/rubric pin! I will be needing this too! Love all your pins!
    Rambling About Reading

  9. I loved the idea about the facial cloths too. I picked some up a week ago when I was at the Dollar Tree. I can't wait to see how they work. I love the baby pins- we are in the same place and I am finding I am pinning more and more :)

  10. The Dollar Store facial cloths are too cute! I have tried everything for erasers- socks, sponges, tissue, bare hands....! I found you thru the Fav. Pin Linky. Thanks for sharing!


  11. Found your blog through the linky! Always great to find new friends!

    From Blood to Books!


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