Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Pins Round 3

This has seriously become my favorite little weekly linky!  I have learned so much and have added so many things to my ever growing 'to-do' list! It amazes me how much I don't see on Pinterest {when I feel like there's nothing I could possibly be missing}.

Here are some of my favorites from this week.  We'll start with what I love most.... FOOD

Can you tell my favorite things to eat are breakfast foods?! I could seriously eat breakfast for every.single.meal.


I'm a sucker for fashion.  I do not have the paycheck for it, but that's neither here nor there! :)

I am in love with this outfit!!

LOVE this color combination! Perfect for Fall!

Polyvore...and everything's sold out :/
And of course, I had to through in my game attire love!  I do LIVE in Nole Nation.  It's only fitting! :)

For the Home

Please tell me you've seen this pin already?  I swear every single one of my friends has 'pinned' this!  It's a step by step on how to fold your bedding all nice and pretty.  Tried it out and it worked!  Not as pretty as the picture but that's because I'm impatient when it comes to folding. :)

How brilliant is this idea...those are shoe box tops covered with fabric!!! shut up!!!! Get out of TOWN!!  Can not WAIT to do this! 

I wish I could call on Mary Poppins to complete this task for me!

School Love

Umm...brilliant!  Love this idea for my kinder babies!

Another little 'aha' moment.  Use zipper pouches to store puzzle pieces!!  I have taped and re-taped so many puzzle boxes!!  Can't wait to get into my room and do this.  Seems like a space saver too! Double bonus! :)

Magnetic glass tile! How stinkin' adorable are these?! *love* Blog has an excellent DIY step-by-step.  Another item added to my 'to-do' list!

Don't forget another great organizational tool! :)

On sale in my TPT store for the rest of today!  It goes back to regular price tomorrow.  Thank you to all who participated in my FB giveaway and for all your sweet comments.  I sure do *LOVE* reading them! :)

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