Monday, July 8, 2013

Pirates aarrgghh COOL!

I am excited to join Tara in my first Made it Monday!

I have had a pirate-theme classroom for the past two years.  My room, however, was not very put together in terms of a color-scheme.  You couldn't really tell that it was a pirate-theme unless you really looked.  SO... I wanted to make some staple pieces that would color coordinate and tie it all in together!

So I made this!!!

You get calendar pieces, number posters, shape posters, a pennant word wall with the first 220 dolch sight words included, an alphabet banner, name plates, center rotation cards and signs, and items to use to create a behavior clip chart, birthday wall, and ship-inspired job chart.  Each of those are shown below.

Job chart

Behavior clip chart

Birthday Wall!

I've made each item available individually or you can just purchase the bundle. If you purchase the bundle you save FIVE DOLLARS! Imagine what else you can buy with those five dollars! Ha! 
Because I love all my awesome followers I'm making the BUNDLE on sale for $6 instead of $8 today only.  That means you save seven dollars!

I am so excited to get it all put together in my room.  I refuse to go in early this summer.  I really want to enjoy every second of being in my actual home! :)
Sadly, I only have a month left before I have to go back.  When do you head back to school?

Couldn't help myself.  Stuck in the house all day due to constant rain...again. :/  So...I made this too:

Check it out at my little store!


  1. That clip chart is excellent.
    Marrooned and Davey Jones Locker for clipping down excellent.

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  2. Very cute pirate themed classroom decor!


  3. LOVE your behavior bay! Soooo cute! :)

  4. Love the SPACE binder! Super cute acronym and one I hadn't seen before! :) You've been super busy!!!

    Reaching for the TOP!


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