Thursday, February 28, 2013


I had lots of great things I wanted to share with you but I am just so dang tired!  I have an intern.  She is currently in her full-time teaching and it is wonderful.  She is doing EVERYTHING and I am getting to get stuff done and actually DO small groups. It's fantastic.  
But I'm still

On a quick side note...those of you wonderful followers friends who gave me such wonderful and sweet words of encouragement about starting the dreaded Insanity.  I did it.  I actually completed the 20 minute Fast and Furious workout.  It took me 40 minutes though AND I hurt my back. HA.  
I am a pretty athletic person.  I actually am pretty surprisingly strong and am "fit" compared to your average 'couch-potato' but HOLY MOLY!  
That workout was literally INSANE. Duh! The name of the workout told me it was going to be intense.  I literally would start the workout then immediately have to pause it to BREATHE.

I think I'm going to join the Insanity team though, bite the bullet, and do the 60-day challenge.  It might take me 90 days but I think I'm gonna do it.


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