Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sweetheart Snatcher + Giveaway + Sale

So naturally I forgot my actual camera today and had to use my iPhone camera and of course with all the PRE-Valentine excitement the pictures are blurry and just not good.  Bare with me.  Is that the right 'bare' to use?! :) haha!

First thing's must go buy Abby's adorable Sweetheart Snatcher packet

Here's why:

Yesterday, we learned about estimation {found in Abby's packet} and even estimated how many heart-shaped candies were in our clear jar.  Then, I pretended to be in a hurry and told the kiddos we would count the candy in the morning to find out how many there ACTUALLY were!  Little white lie.  No big deal.
So this morning the kiddos came in and the jar was right where I left it with all the candies in tack.  Then, we went to a performance {yes, at 8:50am we were just getting settled and had to immediately line up to head to a}.  While there, I snuck out and hid the candy and planted all the "clues."  
It was PERFECT!  
I taped the first clue to our "morning message" board.  Of course they immediately saw it {insert Academy Award winning performance by yours truly} and the kiddos fell for it hook, line, and sinker.  
They were so stinkin cute and excited and beside themselves!  It was perfect.  So we read our first clue, used lots of inferencing skills, and set out on the "hunt" for the Sweetheart Snatcher.

Here we are after finding clue #3 by the water fountain.  We were so into what the clues told us and could barely contain our excitement.  It was so much fun!

After we wrapped up our scavenger hunt and found the final clue with our candies, we talked about what we think the Sweetheart Snatcher looks like.  We did a lot of inferencing and then completed this adorable follow up activity:

I love his cute little "candy snatcher" as he called it.
These kiddos came up with some of the most creative ways that this snatcher came into our room and snatched our yummy candy!

{please admire the adorableness of my sweet friend and his cute bag and not the horrendous photography skills or the fact you can't see the heart's mouth and it's sliding down the bag bc he used too much glue. Maybe I should've LOOKED at the picture before saying I was satisfied with one take. Gosh!}

We followed up our day by making Valentine Snatchers {shown above}! 
These bags will hold our goodies we receive tomorrow from all our friends!

What a super fun day.  If you do not have this packet you MUST go get it! 
Do it tomorrow!  You WON'T regret it and your kiddos will have a BLAST!  The packet is so well put together and gives you tons of options on how to do this activity! Fun, fun!


I am so very much loving this linky party!  What a great way to share and spread the love! :)

Here's what you can win from me:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This past year has been so wonderful and I am so excited for all the things to come in this new year.  I wanted to share the love I was feeling from all of you awesome followers and friends!

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day tomorrow!
I will be going to be EARLY in preparation for the madness that is sure to come in the morning!

Love you ALL!


  1. I really love this and have put it on my wish list! It would be hard to do this year, because I co-teach and have 27 kiddos, but next year I hope to have my own room and a much smaller number to where I can take the class in the hall ;)


  2. Hey Kelly!
    I've got this whole activity prepared for tomorrow-I cannot wait!! I'm sure my kiddos will have a blast.
    Your heart bags are adorable. I'm sure your kids loved it!
    -Lovely Nina

  3. Cute! My favorite Valentine's Day memory is when my oldest daughter just turned one. She walked around with her Yertle the Turtle stuffed animal for weeks.

  4. Love Abby's Sweetheart Snatcher! Did you do the Candy Corn Bandit? My firsties LOVE these activities! The idea of a breakfast party sounds fun! Do you do that for all of your parties?


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