Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bears & Butterflies {Guest Post}

First of all, I want to thank Kelly for having me over today!  Beg, Borrow, Steal, is wonderful, and I am very excited to be here!
This is the second week of my two-week blog tour celebrating the release of my new Ebook, Bears & Butterflies: 41+ Hibernation Activities!  As part of the celebration, I am visiting some amazing blogs, sharing free printables, and giving away a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card!!   
I first started working on Bears & Butterflies: 41+ Hibernation Activities months ago when fall was beginning.  My kiddos noticed a new hole under our Hydrangea bush, and we began to investigate.  It turned out that a toad had dug itself a little hibernation burrow.  The kids were mesmerized.  They couldn't get enough information, activities, games, and investigations about hibernators!  
As I began to put together projects and printables, I realized this could be a wonderful time-saving resource for other teachers and parents.  I polished up the activities and wrote explanations for the printables.  I added in a background page for each animal--as someone with a Biology and Teaching degree, I can't resist fascinating information like animals whose hearts actually freeze during hibernation!  I also reviewed Common Core and Texas State Standards to make sure that the hibernation activities covered everything necessary for my little kindergartener. 
Now, at over 100 pages I am thrilled to introduce this hibernation Ebook!   Bears & Butterflies: 41+ Hibernation Activities is a fabulous tool that you can use as a supplement or to plan your own hibernation unit.  It could keep you busy for weeks or you could pick and choose projects that fit into your already-designed schedule.  It's very flexible, but full of information and ideas!  And, of course, it includes dozens of printable pages with math, science, reading, and writing activities!

Blog Tour Details:
1- To celebrate the release of my new Ebook, Bears & Butterflies: 41+ Hibernation ActivitiesI will be visiting eight blogs from Jan. 28th-Feb. 9th.  Each blog tour "stop" will include a freebie or flash giveaway AND a chance to enter a drawing for the Amazon Gift Card!
2- All readers of Beg, Borrow, Steal, can download this {FREE} Stamp It Acorns printable game!!  You can use the printable as a group or individual game!  To play, roll two dice, add up the dots, and stamp (or mark, draw, "x," etc.) the appropriate number.  The file includes a color version and a black and white version.  Many hibernators eat acorns, including ground squirrels, bears, raccoons, skunks, and more!  
3- To enter the drawing for the $10.00 Amazon Gift Cardjust leave a relevant comment to this post!  (If your email isn't in your public profile, include that in your comment too.)  Everyone who leaves a comment at a post on the blog tour will be entered in the drawing.  Since there will be eight stops, you will have eight chances to enter.  Visit Preschool Powol Packets for a schedule and more details.  A winner will be drawn on Saturday, February 9th. 
Thank you again, Kelly, for hosting me today!! 

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