Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Currently + Freebie!

My favorite time of the month! :)
These currently linky parties really get me thinking and organizing my priorities for the month.  Plus, I LOVE getting to read what everyone else is up to!

Let me explain...

I **love** makeover type shows and Property Brothers is a fun one.  I love the transformations.  I also like to live vicurously through others! :)

Loving having an intern!! I mean, it's amazing and so is she!

Thinking...I am helping my mother start up a fun little side business and I have a lot of crafting to get started on...wreaths, monogramming, really learning how to use my Silhoutte! 

Wouldn't it be nice to snap my fingers and have my house cleaned! I rarely have motivation to clean.  Don't get me wrong my house is not "dirty" or gross but I just do NOT like dusting, vacuuming, and putting away laundry. I get more done in the 10 minutes before we have a guest over than I do all week long! :)  Am I the only one? back up all my work.  After losing all my goodies when my zip drive crashed, I back up like crazy and today is going to be "back up" day.  I HIGHLY suggest backing up EVERYTHING you don't want to lose.  

Like, Love, Hate.  
This one was tough.  You have to use words that begin with the first initial of your first name.  Mine would be "K" for Kelly {the best name EVER ;) } 
Like: I like my Kindle but it is the O-L-D one.  I would love to get the new Kindle Fire.  Especially, since warm weather and days by the pool/beach are just around the corner!

Love..well cookies.  Yes, I know cookies is not technically spelled with a K but I just couldn't think of ANYTHING that started with a 'k' that I loved. So I made mine "krunk" cookies! :)

Hate...ketchup. YUCK! I love tomatoes but am not a fan of ketchup.  Strange, I know!

While you're here I wanted to share two things with you from this past week.
First up, this week we learned about some famous Americans and used Lyndsey's Black History packet {amazing} to target some of those famous people.  We spent one day learning about Louis Armstrong and then wrote about him.

How cool is our "bulletin board."  My classroom is in a primary building and all our doors face outside so we do not have a lot of room to hang our work.  We are allowed to use the hallways in our "main" building though and so we {my amazing intern and I} decided to create something to display our work.  I thought this was precious.  We also hung a sign above it that said "Jazzing our way through Famous Americans"

Here's a little freebie for you too!

I also had to share this illustration and writing.

For homework last week, we had the kiddos write about a time they were sick. Look at the detail in this illustration...the mucus! Ha! Makes me laugh.  If you look super closely you can see something that looks slightly inappropriate.  Did you notice it?!  Crude humor, I know.

Happy Saturday friends!


  1. When you're finished with your fairy-cleaning-godmother, please send her to my house!! Have fun crafting - sounds like a fun side project.
    Hello Mrs Sykes

  2. Wouldn't a fairy cleaning godmother be awesome??? That would be the best after a long hard week of work! I love Property Brothers! They are awesome! I love tomatoes too! They are the best. I know it might sound wierd but I eat them as a late night snack with salt!


    The Bilingual Teacher

  3. Hi!! I just found you through the linky and I'm your newest follower!! I LOVE you blog!! It's so cute!! I love your blog name and banner at the top! I love property brothers too. I wish I had that kind of time and money!! And yes, a fairy- cleaning godmother would be pretty sweet! :)

    Mrs. Hodge and Her Kindergarten Kids

  4. If I used to love Trading Spaces and House Hunters would I love Property Brothers? Of course last thing the DVR (or rear ... too much time on the couch!) needs is another show. But I love decorating.

    I have so many Silhouette Cameo tutorials pinned. And yet still have only made things out of card stock. DUMB. #mustgetonthat

  5. I know exactly what you mean about how much you get done right before a guest arrives! And my hubs is the same -- he gets so many little home tasks done when he knows company is coming. For example, we have a built-in entertainment nook in our kitchen. The cords running between the TV and the cable box and DVD player on the shelf underneath have been hanging out forEVER. Like over a year. 30 minutes before guests were supposed to arrive, I hear these drilling noises coming from the kitchen. He was drilling a hole in the back of the cabinet to hide the cords!! I just had to laugh. :) We're such's something we're really trying to fix.

    I popped over from the Currently link-up. I'd love it if you'd check mine out.
    Happy Teacher Heaven

  6. Cleaning fairy? I'm in!

    My student teacher is at 100% and I have been making myself list after list of things I want to do with that time!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans


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