Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I know you're wondering, "what in the world is she doing posting in the middle of the day?"  "Shouldn't she be teaching?"  "It doesn't snow in Florida!!"
If you were thinking that...you're right.
I should be teaching right now.  I do live in FL and there is no snow.  It's not even cold {high of 72 today}!  Well, here's my story:
Remember the other day when I told you I was attempting to dye my hair ombre style on my own.  Well, I did.  I NAILED the fade! It faded perfectly!! Flawlessly really.  The color on the other hand! YIKES!! I was so excited about doing it that I didn't really think and use my brain.  You know...all those things we tell our kiddos to do.  I didn't.  My hair is brown.  Medium-ish brown.  And I thought that I would just go ahead and put bleach in it and it would turn out perfectly blonde. WRONG! DUH!  So it turned out somewhat blonde and all kinds of orange! No bueno! 
So, I'm dying it back brown.  Gonna let my hair come back to life after the over -coloring shock and then do it again.  This time...the right way...in a salon! :)

That is not the only reason I am home today.  I also took off work to spend some time with my hubby.  He has been working out of town non-stop for the past two months and I rarely get to see him now. He flew in last night at 10:45pm.  Then, unknowingly to me, he had to leave again this morning at 9:30am. BOO! So yes, I took off work to surprise him and spend the day with him and he's not even here! Ridiculous!

On the positive side I made these:

I first found this wonderful recipe on Pinterest.  Click HERE to head to the original blog with the delicious recipe.
The thing about these yummy cookies is that not only are they so healthy for you but your toddler could make them!  It's really a 2-ingredient cookie but I added some other things to make it extra yum-o!
I used everything in the picture as well as honey.  I decided to drizzle a little bit of honey over the ingredients before I mixed them altogether! Delicious!
They kind of taste like banana bread.

I will be making a TON of these.  They are **perfect** for my morning rush meal and packed with so much yumminess and energy to get me going when I'm lagging and keep me going through the day!

Hope you're having a much more Terrific Tuesday!


  1. I hope you were able to get your hair fixed!! I'm sure it looks fab :) I love ombre! Those cookies look delish. Hubs and I always make the Pinterest "energy bites." They are PERFECT for on the go breakfast! I even pop them in yogurt sometimes.. yum!

    Enjoy your day off!


  2. Sorry to hear about all of the troubles with your freebie :( Don't be disheartened - you have a lot of offer and I (and countless others!) know how diligently one has to work to create, perfect, and post a product. Keep your head up - and post again!


  3. I really do love reading your blog. I am so sorry to hear that someone would accuse you of copying; I mean really, what is the point like you said!? Unfortunately, adults (women in particular) tend to worry about things that don't involve them... So it looks like you had to deal with a case of that. Keep doing your thing girl :)! I love reading your blog, it gives me motivation. I have created a blog and have yet to post anything because all of that makes me so nervous. Hopefully, even though I am not a 'famous' blogger, I will be able to get some readers!

    Hope your day is better :)!

  4. Love, love, love your blog and all you do!!!!!!! Don't let a few people get to you! :-)

  5. You ladies are so sweet! I decided to take down my rant because you are right, I shouldn't be letting a few people get to me! Thank you for your kinds words and support!!! :) It really made me feel so much better!

  6. Hey, it's totally ok, we all need a day to get away!

    The Daily Alphabet

  7. I love stay at home days (especially when I'm not sick)! Those cookies look amazing. I will have to go check out that blog. I'm always looking for easy, healthy snacks.

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  8. DEFINITELY going to try these! What a great idea...what mornings aren't rushed. Thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoyed your day off even if your hubby wasn't there to spend it with you.

    For the Love of First Grade

  9. Just wanted you to know that there are lots of us out there who appreciate you and understand how products can be similar. It's amazing the time people have to be busy bodies...perhaps these people invented the internet along with Al Gore? It's pretty easy to have similar activities to those of other teacher creators when we are teaching the same subjects. I just want you to know that you are appreciated....very much so!

  10. Karyn, thank you. That was so kind of you. It is very frustrating at times. Especially, when it's other teachers whom you so greatly admire. Your kind words have made my day!

    Thank YOU so much!!


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