Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Penguins - A Non-fiction Packet!

I am beyond excited to have finished my Penguins Non-fiction packet just in time for my New Years sale {it's only $3.60 right now}!! whoop-whoop!!

I created this packet to use beginning the week we return from winter break.  I will use the packet for two weeks, however, that is not necessary.  This year, I have a 'low' group of kiddos.  They need a lot of support, remediation, and repetition.  I'm nervous as to how they will return from winter break.  I know that some will grow {they always do..yay!} and some will have lost some stuff.  
This packet was designed to meet their needs! 
With Common Core heavy on non-fiction based text, I wanted to 'dive deep' with my kiddos and really get their brains thinking and processing information.  I will use a plethora of non-fiction text to read with the kids and I will have my 'higher' kiddos do some online research {guided by me}.  
I wanted to create a packet that had everything I needed to dive into non-fiction with my kids and have a lot of fun doing so!

I created a 'bundle' of pages to record our findings {in different ways} on 6 different types of penguins.  I also included an 'overview' bundle on penguins if you did not feel like doing a reader's response activity for each type of penguin.  The types of penguins included are emperor, king, macaroni, erect-crested, galapagos, and rockhopper.  I've already thought of a couple more I will be adding in the next few days.  With each bundle, you get a 'fact' sheet that summarizes facts about the type of penguin, a bubble map {to record characteristics/adjectives or just facts}, a tree map, a mini report page, and a writing paper.
I've also included an overview penguins test {2 versions} with an answer key.

Here's a peek at what else you will find within the packet {everything is not shown}.
I will be adding pictures as I set up and as we begin to use them in class.
I've also already thought of some predicting and real-life connection pages I will be adding!  Know that as I add, the price will not change!! :)

You can snag this little bundle of joy on sale through the 1st!

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Happy New Years Eve!!!

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  1. Seriously cute non-fiction packet! I bet your kiddos will love the penguins. :) I'm a new follower, I found you through the Simply Kinder link up! Happy New Year.

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