Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful + Black Friday

What a crazy year!  So many things have happened in my life this past year.  Some were joyous, others were tragic.  In spite of it all, I am beyond thankful for the people in my life and for the events that have taken place.

What an amazing God we have!

I love the holidays and all the traditions that come with it.  I'm excited that this year my mother and I will be kicking up our tradition of watching Christmas Vacation up a notch.  We will now be adding a fun little drinking game to the mix! :)  Excited for some spiked eggnog!! Tell me I'm not the only one who loves some eggnog! mmmm….

Ok, ok.  Aside from all the thankfulness, I am getting ready to do some damage on my bank account.  You know, with all the money us teachers make! 
I have a huge TPT wish list and I'm going through and adding more.  There's just too much good stuff out there! :)

I'm loving my new cover for my Polar Express packet. This packet has all kinds of goodies to keep your little ones busy, learning, and having fun with the classic, The Polar Express.  You can check it out HERE.

I am working feverishly on getting my Christmas-themed packet done! Hoping to have it up and going by Sunday.  All this yummy food and family/friends are keeping me preoccupied for now! :)
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wonderful colleagues! 

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