Saturday, November 2, 2013

November? Already??

I can not believe that it is already November!! Where is the time going?  Flying by, I tell ya!  Glad that the weather is cooperating and there's at least a slight chill in the air for FL.  Wish it wasn't going to reach 80 today though. bummer.

I am loving November so far! Gorgeous weather, Game Day in Tallahassee, and going to watch my Noles slaughter the Canes!  :)

Fall reminds me of the mountains.  Having grown up in Central and Northern Florida, mountains are magical to me and the beautiful colors of the changing leaves makes my eyes happy! Oh, how I wish to visit the mountains soon!

Okay.  Please tell me you hate writing lesson plans as much as I do?  I wish I could just walk in and teach!  I never look at my lesson plans.  EVER.  Once they're typed, they are placed in my binder never to be seen again.  Am I the only one who does this?  I promise it does not make me a bad teacher!

My hubby does not understand why I ever go on to the site, why I ever "pin" anything, and does not see it's purpose.  I, on the other hand, think it's amazing.  My favorite thing to  Food I'll probably never get around to trying to make.  Food I would like to have prepared for me.  To look exactly like it's picture.  Here's my latest love affair:

How delicious does that look?!  It's Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler!!!  The link does not take you to the recipe, in fact I haven't found where this pic originated from, but I will let you know when I do find it.  See, another pin I haven't tried yet! :) 

Well, it's time for me to get my "game face on" and get ready for some football!!  Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Ugh I hate lesson planning too, and mine totally go in the notebook. I think the only time I "really" glance at them is when I print them off and double check that everything is there before any walk throughs happen.

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  2. Lesson planning is on my to do list. It is almost 9:00 on Sunday and instead I am visiting friends :)
    Happy week!
    My Second Sense


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