Friday, January 4, 2013

when life gives you lemons (don't you love them btw)

Of course I am referring to Amy Lemons and her adorable husband. 
I ADORE them.  
Lately I've been presented with the "big man."  You know the one who handles all things. The one with THE master plan. I like to think of myself as a person of values. Values which stem from Christianity mixed with a little modern twists but by no means can I say I am a Godly woman and walk the Christian walk.
 Honestly, it has been YEARS since the last time I set foot in a church other than for weddings and/or funerals.  It's sad.  Really.
This past month the "big man," Mr. G-O-D has been speaking to me.  It's crazy.  But he's been there and he got to me through the world of blogging. 
He first slapped me on the face when Amy and her husband began speaking of Him and the power that is Him after her surgery.
Then He nagged me again when Abby spoke of her life and His plans.
He's all over the place and I feel like He's out to get me.  But in a good way.  Rather... great way!
I have never felt more at peace with my life than I do now.
2012 was an insane year for my hubby and I.  Through money issues (which really stems all other issues), stability, job woes, job hunting (still in the process), having to sell both of our beautiful vehicles to "downsize," family issues, etc... that I was pretty low on myself and really felt like it was never ending for us.  We just kept taking it. Blow after blow.  I started to wonder when God was going to start taking our side.  We are good people. Why was this all happening to us? 
Then, this past month he quieted my worries.  My hubby and I have our own "master plan" but it's not a set-in-stone kind of plan.  We have a vision for our life, for this year, and I just can FEEL God working on getting us there!
It's so exciting!

So exciting that this morning I got up went straight to Hobby Lobby {come on...any excuse to go there} snagged up a cork board and have been working on making my our vision board.  
I think back to Oprah every time I think of a vision board.  
{She spoke wisdom to me. :) I miss her at 4pm still every day.}
It's still in the works but I'll share with you when it's done!

On top of that amazingness going on I got the notification today that I WON this giveaway:

Remember, I blogged about HERE.
Seriously, could not be more excited to have won these great products from two inspiring and talented women!  If you have not checked out their products and/or MUST.
I just love Blogland!!!!



  1. That's great that God has been speaking to you so much lately! I have really been hearing from Him a lot lately too. It is so amazing to realize that He has a plan for your life and that He loves you. I hope that God blesses you this new year!

    Compassionate Teacher

  2. Thank you for those cute ideas! I am a new blogger and would love to get my name out there in the teacher blogging world. I am a K teacher right outside of Nashville (Franklin). I am having a difficult time tapping in and friending other teacher bloggers :) Any advice/shout outs would be tremendously appreciated!
    Thanks so much!
    Elizabeth Hall

  3. I am glad to see God is working in your life. I can honestly say that I walked close in my relationship with Him for many years, but then something happened a few years ago when my husband was a pastor of a church and my walk is not as close any more...not is my husband a pastor any more. It is hard and I know that I must get my children and myself back in church. I truly believe that God has a plan for each and every one of us and I am very blessed that there are so many teachers that are willingly and openly talking about their relationship with Him.

    Swinging Through Second Grade

  4. Put God first and He will lead you! I love my walk with GOD! He can do all things!! Keep the faith!!!

  5. I feel the exact same way about the "big man" working in mysteries ways. I've had the same relationship with Him as you have stated. I'm ready to jump on board, too! 2013, here we come! Now, someone Point me in the direction of a church! :) no, I'm not that bad, just joking! But I know exactly how you feel.

  6. Congratulations on winning the letter packs, I am a little bit jealous. I hope that you feel God's love in powerful new ways this year.

  7. This post made me smile :) God works in mysterious ways. And the HARDEST thing to do, by far, is to praise HIm during the storm. I'm learning this firsthand! Thanks for sharing your heart!!!!

  8. This post is so sweet! I hope you have a blessed year!

  9. I'm so glad things are looking up for you. It can be very hard to have a relationship with God and it is awesome how openly you talk about it. I think you'll be an inspiration for many others. I hope with this new year you can find your path!
    Rambling About Reading

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