Monday, January 7, 2013

OUT OF SHAPE + winners!!

No, I did not go to the gym and am now sore.  Although I did the other day and the title does ring true for that.  But I'm not talking about that.  I'm talking about being out of shape with TEACHING!
Did anyone else go back today and are now just getting home, sitting down for the first time, and are just plain ol' EXHAUSTED?!
I mean's kinda sad.  I loved getting to see all my precious kinder babies.  I loved getting to hear all about their vacations and presents and all the fun they had.  But then, at 8:45 just 15 minutes after getting in and settled and starting our routine I get a knock on the door.  

A new student.

I am one of those teachers who takes all kiddos in.  I really am.  Most students, if not all, grow on me and I end up wanting to teach that class forever.  This class is one of those.  I love my class, how we function, how we mesh together. All our quirky personalities.  What I do not like is that we get no warning, no heads up, no nothing.  Just a knock on the door and then a kid shoved in.
That's it.  And I'm suppose to just get him unpacked, show him around the room, what we're doing, how to do what we're doing, all while keeping the rest of the 19 little bodies in order.  Thankful this class is different.  They're not 50 shades of crazy.  They're great.  They know what's expected and they know what to do.  But getting a new kiddo can be exhausting.

Here's the real fun part.  Mom.  Oh, sweet mother of this curly haired, too tall to actually be a kinder baby, cutie.  Within seconds of me first meeting this new friend of ours she says to me "good luck."  I look at her a little perplex.  She proceeds "The last two 'first-days' he has had at schools (yes, this little one has moved three times in the past the same district) the principal has had to call me due to behavior issues.  I think he'll be okay though."
Say WHAT?!?!  
NOT.OKAY.   You can NOT come into my classroom, drop off your child, as well as that little bomb, smile and peace-out! 
Talk about putting a stigma on your child.
Needless to say I watched him like a hawk and we had zero problems! PHEW!

I am still beyond exhausted.  Just from that.  That's it.  Nothing crazy happened today.  I didn't chase a child or had to lift anything heavy. I was only off for two weeks.  How did I become so lazy and unfit?! 
All I can chalk it up to is a really relaxing break! :p

Lets get to the real reason you're here...the WINNERS:

Check your email ladies!
Thank you to all that entered and became new followers! 
I hope you stick around! :)

If you didn't win, no worries.  I am putting my Mrs. Wishy Washy unit on sale for the rest of the night!  Click the picture below!

I'm off to cook up some dinner for the hubs and then it's time to prepare myself for tonight.  The Bachelor!!!!
I could not be more excited! Screw going to bed early.  I can be exhausted for one more day.  :)


  1. Oh my goodness! That's crazy that the mom gave you that warning and you had no time to prepare for the new student. I hope things continue to go well with your class.

    Compassionate Teacher

  2. Holy moly! I can't believe they just drop off students like that! Thank you for the chuckle though, as your writing is hilarious! I can so relate! Where do you get your adorable borders and frames? The one on the farm unit is very cute, as are the bubbles around the winners! Here's to hoping tomorrow is less exhausting!

    Covered in Glitter and Glue

  3. Today was my first day back too and I'm pooped! A new student today? And for the mom to say that about her child?!? WOW!


  4. Ha! That is crazy and totally throws a wrench in your plans for the day!! My goodness! I am glad to hear he was no big issue... I am also jealous your class is so "with it" this year! Mine is still a little rough around the edges :)

    I am also sore from being so lazy the past 2 weeks!

    Happy 2013!

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)


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