Wednesday, January 2, 2013's safe!

It has been 19 days since tragedy struck Sandy Hook Elementary and the surrounding communities.  I know many of you are planning on mailing student-made snowflakes to help in supporting those sweet, young survivors as they return to school this new year.  Mine will be participating as well.

Some of you might want to donate money but are a little weary of doing so since there is complete SCUM out there scamming people to make a profit! {did you hear about that awful woman who did that...pretended to be an Aunt of one of the victims?...SCUM} - rant over - 
Well I have found a perfectly safe and secure place to do just that.  Donate.  What you can.  If you feel the desire to. Here's how.

click HERE is a great website that has daily deals on all things MUST HAVE!  I first heard about this little online store sent from Heaven from Abby and immediately  I purchase something off their site at least once a week.  It's ridiculous.  But SUCH good deals!
ANYWHO.... they are holding a Sandy Hook Fundraiser where you can donate $20.  That's it.  You can add more "quantity" if you want to donate more.  They even have a fun little gift that you can receive as well, if you wish.
You will have to 'register' in order to donate, however, you can always immediately 'deactivate' your account. You probably won't want to though!  :)

Just wanted to share!  

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  1. You are so inspiring, Mrs. McHaffie!
    Thanks for your wisdom- I just blogged about it here


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