Sunday, January 27, 2013

Monster Mash

I am so excited to finally post my newest little packet!
I love the adorableness of these little graphic monsters!! :)

{check it out HERE}

Here you will find lots of goodies to help make your classroom Valentine’s Day party a Monster Mash of a good time! :)

 Letter to parents/party treats sign up sheet
reminder note to parents
  “Happy Heart Day” pennant banner {2 versions}
  name plates
  Gift tag labels {print pages, cut out, glue/tape sides together.  You can also print on sticker paper and just print and stick! } 
Straw flags {again print, cut, and glue/tape OR print on sticker sheet, cut, and adhere to straw}
  Food label cards {one set blank}
  toothpick decorations {print and adhere to toothpick, place in cupcakes or cake, etc… to add decoration flare}
  Valentine’s Day cards {4 different kinds}
  Monster Mash Bingo game! 4 boards, 1 spinner, #’s 11-20

This party is based off of my Valentine's Day Breakfast Party.  The letter and place cards were created using the most common, easy, and healthier breakfast items such as fruit, muffins, scrambled eggs, etc...  I have provided blank place cards for items I have forgotten that you would like to add. :)

Did I forget anything?  Something I could add {decorations} to make this little packet even more monsteriffic?! :)

Next up...Love Birds Party Kit!


  1. HI! I am your newest follower! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! SO CUTE! I got Erin to design mine as well!

    -Holly Phinney

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