Saturday, May 19, 2012

we've got answers

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Since becoming a TPT and TN seller 3 months ago I've been learning A LOT about how it all works, including the technical difficulties that come along with some teacher files.  I've purchased over 100 products in the year and a half I've followed fellow bloggers/teachers and have had many of the same questions/problems.  Questions like "Why are there black lines showing up on the pages when I open up a document?" or "Why is my computer telling me this newly created file is corrupted and it's not showing a page?"  
Frustration and confusion sets in!
Now that I'm a seller I feel it's important that you get some answers to these aggravating issues that happen to so many of us!

And thankfully the amazing Erica from Erica Bohrer's First Grade JUST posted a fabulous Q & A post answering these questions and more. 
She did such a superb job of explaining exactly what to do if/when each problem occurs there was no need for me to come up with my own post about it! :)

I hope this is helpful to many of you.

Happy Saturday! 8 days to go for me! WOOHOO!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing! What a great post :)


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  3. Yay! I hear you - it is definitely not as easy as I thought!

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