Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mid-life crisis at 27..and 3 quarters?!

I often get caught up in the day-to-day grind and often find myself wandering what else there is out there for me when the blissful weekend arrives.  Don't get me wrong. I love my job. a lot. I have just been battling with myself for what's missing.  What do I really want to do for myself.

I have a friend. Well, really an acquaintance from years ago that I would often admire in a group setting.  She was this beautiful girl (a year younger than me) that seemed to have it all. She loved life. She has the ability to make everyone around her love life. Want to live life to the fullest.  I loved the way she dressed.  The way she was able to make an unmistakable lasting first impression.  

She left her small town home to move to Tallahassee {where I still live and where we met through mutual friends} then after graduating took a leap of faith with a few friends and moved to the big city {NYC}.  Since she had left so many friends and family behind to live the life she always wanted, she created a blog.  I am obsessed with her blog.  I live life vicariously through her.

Her latest blog is all about her taking a solo trip to Barcelona.  To get clarity in her life. To prepare herself mentally for the big change that was to come upon her return to the States.  After admiring her beautiful photographs and reading about her unbelievable travels and adventures, it hit me.  I I NEED to travel. 

When I looked at the gorgeous landscapes and architecture that laid across her photos I was speechless.  I began to picture myself there.  I want to have a family and I want a lot of things in my life that I do not have yet {or have not accomplished yet} but it hit me this morning while sipping on my coffee... I need more stamps on my passport.  I want to see the world that surrounds me.  I want to be more than just a small town primary grade teacher and wife.  I want to be a world-traveler.  I want to experience all of God's creations.

Now I'm left with how to do this.  I am not made of money and sadly do not have a money tree growing in my backyard.  I am only a teacher.  An underpaid teacher. A teacher with a ton of student loans to repay.  A teacher who is married to an amazing entrepanuar and with that comes a lack of substantial income.  A teacher who works nonstop creating documents, taking odd "second jobs" to make as much extra cash I can make to just "get ahead a little."  

So. There you have it.  My mid-{more like late}-twenties crisis.  My world traveling expense saving begins today.  

One day I will share with you breathtaking photos of my travels from far off places around the world.  You will see a smile plastered to my face.
{Mom...sorry to put the baby thing on hold for a little longer. :)}
This is my goal.  This is my crisis.  Have you every had these "come-to-Jesus" moments where you realize what you want/need more of in your life.  

What is it that you want to do?



  1. I so understand where you are coming from! I went through the same thing at your age - I really think there is such a thing as a quarter-life crisis! I made some changes around that time and found a nice spot. Somehow, I am in the same spot in my 30s! I am moving back to teaching 3rd grade after 8 years (yikes) and am saving my pennies to return to school. Good luck with your choices and your travels!


  2. I find myself living vicariously through other people on fb and blogs too! Mine is probably more of a "they are more successful, how do I get there" type of thing, but I totally hear you! Take the leap!

    Happy Memorial Day :)

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog

  3. Wow, this sounds like my sister about two years ago. She was tired of living the small town girl, teacher life and wanted to see the world. So what did she do? She began doing mission work in other countries in the summer. she has been to Brazil and Costa Rica. She is leaving again in two weeks heading back to Costa Rica. Though she has to do so,e work, she has time to site see and enjoy the culture. Something to keep in mind. Life is to short so follow your heart and dreams. Everything will fall inland.

  4. Reminds me of that song "Why Georgia" by John Mayer. I've definitely had the quarter-life crisis myself...probably still living through it. ;0) Follow your heart and do what you need to do! And have fun doing it! :)

    The First Grade Splash

  5. Look for grants like the Lilly endowment! If you win one, you might be able to go visit another place as a teacher! :)

    I'm with you- traveling is something I really want to do, but right now the money is just not there. It's a goal, though- and it will happen. It's just that my husband has to get out of school, we have to pay off a boatload of student loans, have him get a job, and hopefully have me have a job nearby as well.

    Still, setting the goal will help make it happen! You can do it!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  6. i love that you have that desire to travel. Its the only thing you can buy that actually makes you richer. I have been lucky enough to travel to Europe 5 times. My mother is a high school history teacher and she takes a group of students every June overseas and my husband and I go as "chaperones" If you can travel with a group it is MUCH cheaper! I wish my students were old enough to take them to see the world. I would love to help you get there any way i can! let me know if you're interested! :)


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