Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beautiful Alexis!

Yesterday early in the weeee hours of the morning (3:06am to be exact) I became an Aunt for the 6th time.  This time it was my baby brother who blessed me with this precious little girl! First baby on my side of the family.  Holding my brother's little girl was the greatest thing and really got the "baby fever" going {something that has NOT happened with me yet, even after *almost* five years of marriage}.
I might be biased but I think she is the absolute cutest baby EVER! :)
Since this little bundle of joy came into the world at the beginning of the week and lives 2 hours away from me I got to take off work!!!  With only 10 days of school left and the kids on a whole new level of "crazy"... taking a day off was both exciting and anxiety provoking.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds it more stressful and more work to take OFF a day {especially at the end of the year} rather than just toughing it out and working?! My goodness! Praying my 20 little ones are behaving themselves for my brave sub!!
Speaking of end of the year approaching, make sure you check out my End of the Year Awards.  The "healthier" version of the candy awards! ;)
We will be getting our ballots ready and placing our votes for who deserves each award on Friday and having our end of the year award ceremony next Friday!  I'm also in the process of creating my end of the year slide show! I'm so PUMPED for this year's slide show! With all the cute fonts and clipart I've acquired over the past two years my arsenal of cuteness is reaching its max! hehe :)  Since I'm in such a joyous mood I've decided to have a 
Everything in my TPT store and Teacher's Notebook Store will be on sale for 20% off the rest of the day! {head over to my left side bar to find your way there}
Happy end of the year!   


  1. Hey Kelly! Just bought your awards! SUPER CUTE! Hope you're doing great. Your new little niece is absolutely beautiful! :)

  2. Congratulations!!!! She is precious!
    Kindergarten Korner

  3. I have awarded you with the One Lovely Blog award!!!! I know you are not a "New" blog but you are new to me! So I hope that you can come on over to my blog and check out the details!!! Congratulations again!!




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