Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Here's what I got

I had a GOBZILLION items placed in my 'wish list' on TPT and as much as I wanted to purchase it ALL, my check book was not allowing it.  I decided on four items to snag during this sale and here they are:

Find it HERE
I **LOVE** the mother-daughter duo that heads up KinderGals and am B-E-Y-O-N-D excited to get a chance to use and learn and GROW from them some more over the summer {as I read EVERY.SINGLE. thing they have written that is provided on the web} and use their fun products next year when I head back down to the sweet babies of kindergarten! :)  The above file was created by Megan {the daughter}.  There's so many great ways to use this product!

Here's what Mrs. Kim {the momma} made that I will be using during the first couple weeks of school when we're getting 'in the groove' and getting to know one another.  SOOO stinkin excited!

 Find it HERE

 I mean just looking at the cover page makes me excited.  
Side note: I'm so ready for THIS school year to be over I'm already looking into next year :)

Of course you have seen this *HOT* item:

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Who doesn't love the amazing Michelle Oaks of Fabulous in First?!
 I mean she makes teaching the simplest {and sometimes boring} of items fascinating!!!!  Seriously, punctuation is now FUN! :)

Then another simple treat from the infamous Deanna Jump! Who doesn't love her? This little snag of a find will be used during my small groups as a fun sight word review activity/game! Simple. Fun. JUST LOVE IT!

 Find it HERE
Okay.  There they are.  My fun finds.  
Because I was so overwhelmingly busy the beginning of the week and literally got my goodies last minute.  I am extending my sale until Friday! 
 Thanks to everyone whose left sweet comments about my goods.  I'm in the works of finishing up another quick unit.  Hopefully before Friday.  Fingers crossed! Happy Shopping!


  1. Great finds, girl!! I see Punctuation People everywhere... I must check it out!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. I love Kim Adsit's cut a sentence! I also got her "it's all in the name" activities. She's great!!
    Teaching, Learning, & Loving

  3. Hi! You are so good in making materials for your class. I am from the Philippines. I was wondering, do you draw them by hand, or do you use the a software on the computer to make them?


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