Thursday, May 3, 2012

Have you heard?!

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Now, have you been over to Rachelle's (and Natalie's) blog "What a Teacher Wants" {love her}?! Well the other day she posted this fabulous classroom management idea... along with a FREEBIE! So, I decided since my kids are 'out of this world crazy right now'  and I'm pretty much willing to do ANYTHING to ring them in, that I was going to take a stab at this idea!

What'd'ya works MAG.NIF.I.CENT.LY!
Here's how it works:
There are two teams. Team Beiber and Team Skywalker.  Before I told my sweeties what the two team names were I talked to them about using their 'poker face.' Ok.  I didn't use that terminology but you get the gist!
Then the discreetly came and chose their team without showing or telling anybody.  Once they all had chosen their team, we shared and showed our friends.  I taped the small team tags onto their desks (when you visit Rachelle's blog it will make sense!)
The whole idea is that everyone is working together as teams to earn points (I say "tallies").  Whichever team has the most tallies/points at the end of the week gets some sort of treat.  So whenever I catch someone doing something amazing or if I catch most of the team doing something amazing, that teams earns a tally.  This week I took away a tally because too many kids on one team were off task.  They have the chance to earn that tally back too.

My kids absolutely LOVE this little game and it has worked marvelously.  All I have to say is "Hmm...which team is going to earn that next tally" or something along those lines.  The second I say it, the rooms gets silent and they are all eyes on me!  I LOVE IT!!!!

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