Thursday, December 27, 2012

a sweets coma

What an amazing Christmas break this has been for me so far.  Sure hope you are all able to enjoy it as well.  For the past five days I have been at my parent's house, two hours south of where I live.  Since my arrival I have done nothing but sit and eat. Then, after awhile of relaxing I eat some more.  
I am in a sweets coma and finding it difficult to get out! Not sure how I'm going to get my groove back come January 7.  Maybe I'll give Stella a call and see how she did it! ;)

Okay, so I lied stretched the truth a little.  I have been somewhat busy. I've been trying to figure out my new CAMEO {!!!!!!!!!!!} and creating some new goodies to use in my classroom {and share with you}!

Here's what I've been up to:
I have been wanting to "jazz-up" my free-choice centers for awhile.  Through the years I've added "real-life" inspired pieces to my "housekeeping" area and have loved changing housekeeping to something else like a "restaurant" or "doctor's office," SO...I came up with this:

Pics to follow soon!

I'm in the process of creating the following as well:
Doctor's Office
Vet's Office
Grocery Store
Shoe Store
Clothing Store
Beauty Shop

My kinders absolutely love when I change out the centers and now they will be super excited with all the 'souped-up' goodies!  The added bonus is they are learning WHILE playing.  Reading, writing, and math {along with social skills} are easily incorporated into each center! Love when that happens!

I also updated my Primary Number Sense Games Pack {added a more/less spinner...a lot, I know} and made a Mega Pack you can check out HERE!

What a great year 20-12 has been.  I'll be back later with a resolution and a holly bloggy linky!

Off to curl up and go back to my sweets coma!

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