Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snowmen and Character Day

This week was a pretty fun week!  We spend some time learning about winter weather and did a lot of fun snowman activities.  The first one, featured below, turned out so adorable.  After reading many snowman inspired books we created our own snowman story.  I got the writing template from The First Grade Parade, however just 'free-handed' the size of the snowmen template.  The kids had to come up with a creative story about their snowman and then create their snowman!  They did such a great job! 

 This is a snowman activity I've done for the past three years, however, also saw that Mrs. Carroll does this as well!  I think the original idea came from a TLC lesson.  First the kiddos paint a snowman body with a marshmallow (this is BY FAR their favorite part), then after it dries, the cut out their snowman and glue him to a bigger paper.  We read the story Snowmen at Night and then do a reader's response.  Didn't they turn out so cute?!  I think so!
 The two snowmen above are playing a guitar and dancing in the snow!  I LOVE their creativity!  The dancing snowman even has a spotlight!!!!  How adorable!  The snowman below is going sledding down the hill of snow!  
 This snowman activity was taken from Deanna Jump's unit on Snowman.  It's a MUST grab!!  I did, however, change it up a little bit.  I was out of light blue construction paper so I cut the snow globe out of plain old white paper.  Then I had the kiddos illustrate their snow globe and then use blue water color paint to paint the background blue.  Then I used glitter modpodge to paint over once everything was dry!  Some look like they're underwater but HEY, I had to deal with what I had! :)  I think they turned out cute!  Next time, however, I will be prepared with the proper construction paper color.
 This week at our school was Celebrate Literacy Week and as a culminating activity, the first graders had Character Day on Friday!  I had my kids do a Favorite Character Book Report and bring in their book to share with the class.  They LOVED it!  Here we are getting ready for our Character Day Parade!!  We had so much fun going through all the other classrooms!
 Here are a few who were dressed up (and some others who snuck in).  We have two Fancy Nancy's, Pippi Longstocking, The Pied Piper, Pinkalicious, Alexander, and Mia the ballerina kitty. 
 I must say, these two were my FAVORITES:  This is Pippi Longstocking.  You can't really see her hair but it is braided and curled up w/ the support of a clothes hanger.  She also had a monkey that she carried around her the ENTIRE day, except of course while we were on the playground. :) Adorable!
 And this sweet boy is dressed as Alexander from the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!  He was so proud of his hair sticking straight up!  I must say this sweet friend was so excited to be dressed as his favorite character he INSISTED that I read HIS book FIRST (and I did, of course)!  So cute!
What does your school (or YOU) do to celebrate literacy?! 

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