Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Time to breathe.

A fellow teacher at my school shared a link with us on FB tonight and it made me stop.  Stop working on making an already created lesson plan "cuter."  Stop tying unnecessary bows onto my kiddos already packaged Valentines gifts.  
These are not the things my kiddos will remember me by.

I often find myself getting caught up in the "cute."  Trying to have the cutest lesson plan. Comparing myself to others. Stressing over unfinished crafts or not being able to fit it all in.  

This small article made me stop.  Stop and think.
Am I listening to my students?  Really listening to them?  
Am I caring for them or am I worried about being the "best."  

The reason I teach is to change the lives of those I teach.  To make a difference in their day-to-day life.  To help them become the most awesome person they can be.

I love teaching and I love each and every one of my 20 little kinders. 
I love all 122 previous students I've taught.

I love that I have gotten to 'know' so many of you amazing fellow teachers who share the same passion as I.

I just wanted to take time to breathe.  Take time to show gratitude.

I hope you all have time to take a moment and breathe.  Take it all in.
When you get all those little home-made goodies and chocolates on Friday, know how much love was put into giving you that gift.  It's not about how much the gift card is for or which teacher got the 'best' gifts.  It's about the love that each of your kiddos has for you and how amazing they  think you are.

Love to you all! :)

Link to article found HERE.

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