Saturday, February 22, 2014

Five for 'Fraturday'

I attempted to begin this post last night after school but…well…I just didn't. 
You'll understand why in a sec! 

Since I have been horrible about posting lately, I'm going to start off by taking you back  a little bit to last Friday, Valentine's Day. 

We took this picture after they opened their gift from me.  Of course, I used one of Rachelle's awesome non-candy gift tags.
Go HERE to save it for next year (it's worth it)!

Then, this week we moved on to presidents.  First, we learned about Mr. George Washington.  My kiddos absolutely love Maria's Sight Word Readers!!  I love how she ties the sight words to a theme!! Some we use as a review, some we use as an introduction.  Whatever way, we love them!

We then spent a couple days learning all about my favorite president, Abraham Lincoln.  Of course, I completely forgot to take pictures of the fun things we made with Abe, but I do want to share with you my favorite resources I used:

Hands down, by far, my *favorite* little unit to accompany Mr. Abe!

Discovery Education has the perfect little video about Abraham Lincoln and his life and accomplishments! I used it as an introduction.

A Day in First Grade

Do you know Kristen from A Day in First Grade?  She's incredible. 
She has a great post on President's Day in her room that is a must read.  I used several of her ideas!

Yesterday, our Kindergarten team held a mini Olympics for our kinder kiddos. We first did a little review of how the Olympics were started, learned some fun facts, and took a peak at different winter and summer games.

Then, we made patriotic hats (thanks to Maria, click HERE to get your freebie) to use as our USA uniform and made our very own torches (seen above). For the torches, we just wrapped toilet paper rolls with aluminum foil and then had the kiddos glue on red, orange, and yellow streamers to the top.  Worked like a charm!

Here's a sweet friend getting ready for his javelin throw (a straw).

Victory for one friend after his relay race.
We also had a discus throw but I was in charge of that and was too busy to take a photo.  We used American-themed mini paper plates!
We also had a closing ceremony and awarded each kiddo with a 'gold medal'

Here's a fun little freebie for you.  I'll add a picture of these completed later. I was too tired after all the fun and forgot to take a pic!

After nothing but rain for the past couple days, I'm heading outside to spend this gorgeous Florida day (sunny and 70) with my sweet pups!
Happy Saturday!!


  1. Hi Kelly! I am always way too tired to post on Fridays and my links up usually happen on Saturday too! :)
    I love your pup! So cute! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Happy Teaching,
    Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)
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  2. I'm pretty sure I've only done ONE link up this whole time on Fridays. The rest are always Saturdays. :)
    I use a lot of the ideas from A Day in First Grade as well and I used the same exact video this week with my kinders. Ha! I wonder how many views that video got this week...

    Thanks for the great post! I'm fairly new to blogging but am enjoying this network phase...
    Daisy Designs. I just followed you! Hope you can follow me back. <3


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