Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's CURRENTLY time!!

It's my favorite time!  A new month calls for a new currently!

A little explanation, if you will:

Listening - silence.  Well, the clicking of my computer keys.  Usually when I am doing a currently it's on the weekend, in the morning.  When I wake up on the weekends I like to spend the first several hours browsing the web, working on things, and sipping my coffee {or pot of coffee}….all in silence.  It's so nice!

Loving - I had a 2-day work week!!! The start of it wasn't so fun though.  I spent ALL of Monday (17 hours) in the ER for a 30 minute procedure to get two large cysts removed from my ovary! {sorry to any men who may be reading this} The doctors are not concerned about the cysts at all, so neither am I.  Just something that, apparently, thousands of women deal with on the daily.  With that said, I had Monday and Tuesday off to deal with that.  Wednesday was a shocker…we had a "snow day"  in FLORIDA!  It didn't snow where I live, nor did it really even produce much ice.  Just rain and freezing temps (for us FL peeps).  No worries though, today is going to be 75. Ha!

Thinking - self explanatory.  I hate having to clean.

Wanting - well, this is self explanatory also.  I mean, it would help out SO much! :)

Needing - You should have figured it out by now, but just in case.  I live in Florida.  Also known as the "Sunshine State."  But sunshine we have seen NONE of in over 2-weeks.  Maybe a splash of sun here and there, but for the most part NONE.  This 'beach babe' needs a tan!!

Truth 1 - Yes, I have in fact been a member of the Starbucks Gold Card 'club' since 2006.  To say I have an addiction to Starbucks is an understatement. For those who don't know…to attain a Starbucks Gold Card you have to buy 30 drinks (coffee) in the course of 12 months.  Then, you have to continue buying at least 30 drinks to maintain your gold status.  I usually get my gold card status back in the first 4 months! :)  

Truth 2 - In no way do I like to be the center of attention, but I hate missing out on super fun things that my friends/family are doing.  I really feel FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when I see all my bloggy buddies congregating together at an event and/or vacation and I am/was unable to attend (usually bc these events take place millions of miles away from me and I just can't fit all that travel in my budget).  So, yeah, I suffer from major FOMO!

Fib - I absolutely hate reptiles.  I do like turtles and some frogs but that is IT.  I really really really hate those slimy slithery creatures that start with an 'S.'  You know what I'm talking about.  I can't even write the word without getting chills down my spine.  eewww!

Well, that about does it for me!  
I'm working on a fun Valentine-themed freebie that I hope to have up for you tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Happy Saturday, friends!


  1. I'm in Florida too, and HATE this weather. Which part of Florida are you in?? I assume somewhere up north. I'm in Orlando, so it was chilly Wednesday - but in low 40s. This cold and rain has just GOT TO GO. It's make all the kids sick.... and this is just not a good time to be sick with that dreaded test creeping up on us.

    I'm also addicted to Starbucks, and actually talked about it today. HaHa. My kids are working on essays a lot lately (I teach 4th), and we recently had a prompt about your teaching being in a bad mood and the students had to solve the problem. No joke, over half my kids said I was in a bad mood because I didn't have my Starbucks. They KNOW what's up.... it's just not coffee... I need the good stuff. HaHa :)

  2. I should be cleaning to!!! I hate doing it too!!! I have been sick this week so everything has been thrown everywhere. :-/
    Latoya Reed

  3. I am with you on the reptiles thing. All the kids know. They love to bring me books (I'm the school teacher librarian) and show me all the worst pictures. I wish they wouldn't but they get so much glee from my reaction. Last year this week I spent time in the ER for the first time in my life. Appendicitis. Good luck with recovery. Any removal of anything means you deserve a bit of chill out time!

  4. I'm sorry you ended up in the ER!!! My son loves reptiles (thankfully we do not have one). If we go to the pet store, he always visits his "pet" snakes that live there!!! I'm jealous of all my southern friends that have had snow days!!!!

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