Friday, August 9, 2013

Pretty Colors

Reason #499 why I love teaching kindergarten.... teaching colors!
Frog Street Press came up with these adorable color songs eons ago and they are perfect for helping kiddos learn and remember their colors and color words.  I sing them all year long with my minders and they love them. 

Last year I updated a book that my interning teacher gave me way back in the day to use when teaching the songs/colors.  Well, I've updated it again and added the colors pink and white {as well as the Canadian Version}! :)

These are examples of what the pages look like in the book.  At my school we spend two weeks on colors.  We teach one color a day and have lots of activities that go along with that color.  First, I teach the kiddos the song.  We sing it multiple times {and then more throughout the day}, then we brainstorm things we know that are those colors.  For instance, when teaching the color red we list items that are red like; strawberries, fire trucks, apples, etc...
Then the kiddos complete their red page.  The color in the block letters for the word red {I make them say the letter as they color it in} and then write an item to complete the sentence.  They color that item in the space above the sentence.  i.e. if they say 'I like red strawberries' then they must draw a couple red strawberries.  Easy!

I send home the book once it's complete with a note to parents asking them to use this color book as a nightly reader and/or just to sing along with their kiddo to reinforce the colors and color words.

I'm super excited about our color weeks this year because Cara over at The First Grade Parade just uploaded a wonderful new unit all on colors.  There's lots of fun activities that can be incorporated throughout the week to reinforce the songs/colors we've learned! Don't you just love her titles?  LOVE IT!

How do you teach/reinforce colors in your room? I would love to spice it up even more! :)

**If you've already purchased my packet, please go back and re-download to get the updated version!** 

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  1. Aw that is super cute! Makes me kinda wish I was teaching Kinder again. I love the simple things in K.
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