Monday, November 12, 2012

Teaching Tip {linky}

I love Hadar from Miss Kindergarten.  She is one of the sweetest bloggers and is amazingly talented!
She decided to start a fun little linky party all on teaching tips.
I must say...I've read SEVERAL blogs {found some new ones too} and now have a L-O-N-G list of "must-dos!"  
Even if you don't link MUST go check out these blogs.  Lots of good stuff.  Isn't that why we're all part of this blogging community anyways?! :)

Okay.  Let me preface some things before I give you my teaching tip. I am slightly OCD.  My mother gracious gave me some of that gene amongst others! ;)  I get massive OCD when it comes to organizing.  I like things to be broken down every which way.  For instance my "files"... like "worksheet files."  They are not just broken down by, no, no...they are broken down by theme, then by subject, then by common core standard, then by level of difficulty.  Oh yes!  These are all nicely filed into page protectors and placed in two large binders (I actually am in need of a third binder now).  The binders are also organized by months/semester.  Makes finding things SUPER easy.
That's just the background heads up to my teaching tip!

My teaching tip is simple.  LABEL.  Label EVERYTHING!  Label things for YOUR sanity and label things for your students.  I might be making mine slightly OCD, but hey, everything's where I want it to be. We have a drawer for our Marvelous Monday writing folders, a drawer for our monthly journals, and a drawer for our writing folders {where we keep our on going writing for writer's workshop}.  We also have every.single. math manipulative in it's own little box.  
The kiddos are able to find and place everything where it belongs.  
Talk about saving time!

One area of my room that I LOVE is my classroom library {as seen above...another tip, turn your old cubbies that you don't really use into a library...Dollar Tree baskets}.  It's labeled and organized to the max.  My kiddos are able to go book shopping ALONE.  Yes, I let my kinder babies go book shopping ALONE.  Why?!  Because everything is labeled and they can easily find where everything goes.

Each and EVERY.SINGLE book has it's own label that matches the basket it belongs in.  I taught them {and we practiced A.LOT} where to find the sticker and where to find it on the basket.  Viola!  Sanity! 

I created these labels two years ago, updated them slightly a couple months ago, and have them in my TPT store for a whopping $4!!! 
I am in the process of adding more labels for a sweet fellow blogger.

While you're there check out my new packet!  Read more about it HERE!

Don't forget to link up and/or begin your long lists of must-dos after reading these fantastic tips!
Happy Veteran's Day weekend!!


  1. Hello! As a fellow label queen, I hear ya!

    While it's time-consuming to set up, it saves so much time and keeps me (and the kids!) organized. I love that I can give a direction with a word or a hand signal and everyone knows exactly where to go and what to get out. It breeds independence and lets them take some ownership if they're held responsible for finding/storing the materials in their proper place.

    And I definitely agree about the files and binder organization - tab dividers, plastic sheet protectors, and address labels are my friend.

    I recently bought a pack of the large shipping labels and am using them for EVERYTHING this year - definitely a worthwhile investment :)

  2. I agree! The more labels the more that gets put away! I label my books with a number on the back (Sisters style) and then number my book boxes as well. It takes a lot of training! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Second Grade is Out of This World

  3. Hahaha! Labels, yes!! I sure wish I would have found your library labels before I made my own significantly LESS cute ones!! :)

    Just found you through the linky - I'm a new follower!

    Second Grade Sparkle


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