Thursday, November 22, 2012

Simply Thankful.

No goodies.  No sharing.  Just lost of love to YOU.
I feel very blessed this year.  I have a roof over my head. I have a husband whom I love spending every second of the day with {and, gratefully, vice versa}.  I have two pups that also love me unconditionally.  I have an utterly amazing family {both sides} whom support every.single.thing. I decide to venture into doing.  I have a job. I have friends who keep me sane.  
I have all of YOU. 

My life changed in 2010 when I was told by my principal three days before school started that I would be moving from kindergarten to first grade.  Terrified and upset {my room was READY to go for kinder} I began to search for first grade rooms on the internet.  I wanted to see what other teacher's first grade classrooms looked like and what they were doing.  I found some websites first.  Blogs were not a dime a dozen then.
I continued to search around.  I found some AMAZING ladies who were sharing their ideas and creating items for others for FREE {or for a SMALL price}.  Things that they use in their own classrooms and found as a success.
My life had changed.

I am a better teacher because of each and everyone of you.


for sharing all of your knowledge with us.

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I will be back later this week with a brand new Polar Express Unit!

Enjoy your Turkey Day!

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