Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kinder Number Sense Games

I am so excited about this packet!

Math was never my strong suite growing up and it was hard for me to grasp those hard math skills.  I hated math.  Math was not for me.
Then when I became a teacher I realized I had to start liking math again.  I struggled the first few years teaching math.  Then I attended a thinking math conference and it all changed!!

Counting with understanding is a crucial math skill that child must learn in order to build a strong number sense.  Abby Mullins is currently in the works of creating another awesome RTI packet all on number sense.  This packet is a great addition to that.
Each of the 21 games were designed to meet all Counting and Cardinality Common Core standards for Kindergarten and are engaging to all students.

My students have been playing most of these games already this year.  I have printed and laminated each of the games for durability and longevity.
I play these games one-on-one with struggling students, have students play as partners, and sometimes allow them to complete a game independently.

I might be slightly biased but my kids LOVE playing these games during math workstations and I have seen improvement in their number recognition and one-to-one counting correspondence!

Okay.  Well you can check out the packet HERE!
Let me know what you think!

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