Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sound Spelling Extravaganza!!

I am dying to get into my classroom! I have seen so many fantastic ideas on everyone's blogs that it's making me CRAZY! 
I still can not get into my room until {at earliest} Monday.  Keep in mind I have a training Monday-Thursday next week that last until 4:30!!  We go back to school the following Monday.  Anyone wanna come to Tallahassee and help make my room pretty?! :)

Since I can't get into my room {and it's been raining like crazy} I have had plenty of time to finish my "creating to-do list!"
Next up is a Sound Spelling & Syllable Count packet

I used to use a much older version that I got from my interning teacher but the clipart was ....well....old and NOT cute! It also didn't have the syllable counting which I love to have my kiddos do {while also meeting the standards, of course}!  This packet includes a worksheet for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Each page contains six words that the kiddos have to stretch out and spell phonetically.  Then, they get to clap out and record the syllables for each word.

 Last year I had my first graders complete the packet {the old version} independently.  This year I am going to do these worksheets as I introduce/review each letter of the alphabet.  I will also use them for small group practice.  For that I'm going to laminate a colored copy of each page and let the kids use them with a Expo marker.  You could also just put the page in a page protector and do it that way as well.  

 I'm so excited about the cuter and "more challenging" version!
I included the Common Core standards for Kindergarten and First Grade on each page.  Hopefully that will make it easier for you to check off who has mastered that skill and who needs more practice. :)
You can snag your own copy at my TPT Store or Teacher's Notebook store!

While I'm talking about my stores I want to thank each and everyone of you for your purchases and kind words.  You may remember a post I made months ago about our financial state.  We are still trying to get our heads above water but with these stores and with your help, we're slowly starting to see the end of the tunnel.  So THANK YOU! 

I've also linked up with Cheryl at Primary Graffiti.  She's hosting a Back to School Bash and guiding you to amazing products and freebies! Go check it out!

UPDATE: I've also uploaded an EDITABLE version to my communication binders!!! Click above to head to my store to check them out!!!

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