Monday, August 6, 2012

Currently...slacking! :P

I am slacking big TIME on my currently!  I always participate in this fun blog linky party but when I went to snag my template last night I noticed there are already 389 people who have linked up!!! How fun is that?!  
I love reading other peoples "currently posts." I feel like I learn a little bit about each person and, of course, you guys are all my close friends {or at least I talk about you like we are}! :P 
okay. with out further ado:

B2S:  This was a little tough.  I could have listed at least 15 more items!!!
1)  My MAC - without my precious {OLD} MAC I would not be able to create all the things wanted NEEDED to start the year off right OR grab all the amazing things that fellow teachers have created that are going to make me an ROCKIN' teacher this year! :)
2) Clorox wipes - because I know that when I am eventually allowed into my classroom, I am going to need a TON of clorox wipes and gloves!
3) Laminator - this goes without saying.  DUH!
On a side obsessed are you with the Olympics?!  I.CAN.NOT.GET.ENOUGH.  
My favorites...Gymnastics (I mean, I should be in the Olympics for this..hehe), swimming, and track and field {my friend's sister will be polevolting for the USA.  Her name is Lacey Janson.  Cheer for her!!! :)}
I absolutely LOVE reading Farley's Currently posts and love linking up.  Click HERE to head over and join in on the fun!


Okay. Quick plug.  I created library labels for my classroom three years ago and have had many requests to post them.  Well, I couldn't find where I saved them for the life of me...until yesterday! woohoo!!!!

You can grab 30 themed category labels for a whopping $4! 
I'm open to suggestions to add to the pack as well {as long as you have purchased the product...don't have too much time to add to it for fun :p }.

I used clipart from Thistle Girl Designs for 99% of the packet.  I (as Farley says) "puffy heart" Thistlegirl Designs.  Click HERE to check out her website!!
{I cut the labels in half to save "paper!" So some labels will have TWO images on them}
I use AVERY labels.  I use the White Address Labels 8860 for the smaller labels and the Shipping Labels 48264 for the larger basket/bucket labels.
Click HERE or HERE if interested in snagging your cheap-o packet of organizational heaven! :)
Happy Monday and Back to School!

Still need 15 states for the Postcard Exchange! 


  1. LOVE Starbucks :) anything other than Starbucks does NOT qualify as coffee ;)

    And I love gymnastics too!


    Miss Elementary

  2. How did I function before my Mac??? I have no idea!!!

    Extra Special Teaching


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