Saturday, January 28, 2012

Numberline Games

This post was inspired by the wonderful Kim Adsit! One of the MANY things that I snagged from the conference I attended last week was differentiating math workstations.  I love simple and easy games that kids can play with little instruction.  Numberlines are one those workstations!
This game can be played SO many different ways.  Students can play to find even and odd numbers, add, subtract single or double digit numbers, multiply, divide!  You can even differentiate more by having your more 'advanced' students record their number sentences.  To learn how these games are played click HERE to be directed to Kim and Megan's blog Kingergals.  They give a great description of the basics to this game and direct you to the many units where you can purchase more themed numberlines that Kim has created.  
I spent today not only fighting a cold {uuggghhhh} but creating a numberline as well to use during my Valentine's Unit! All you need to do is print the copies on cardstock {for durability}, adhere to some construction paper {to create the numberline} and let the playing begin!  After creating the document, I realized I did not place a circle card to place in the middle for the starting point.  :(  I hate when that happens!
Start Circles

Again, sorry you have to make two downloads! GGGRRR!!! I'll just blame it on the meds I'm taking for this awful cold. Now off to rest and read some more of Hunger Games.  Have you read that yet?!
It has taken over my life. It's so hard to put that book down! AHHHH-MAZING!


  1. Love the Valentine's Day number line. Thanks for posting!

  2. The Hunger Games is one of my all time favorite books! I hope you have the next 2 books in the series waiting in the wings because you will want to start them ASAP!

  3. love the number line!

    hunger games took over my life too!

    next book you should check out: City of Bones!

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