Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I saw a pig fly!

Ok.  Not really.  BUT I did get to meet one of my very own bloggy celebrities! 

This amazing woman...

KIM ADSIT! I mean this is one extraordinary woman.  
{side note...excuse the horrible pixels and pale white was taken on my phone and...well, my skin has not seen sun in what feels like forever} {I also wish I had some extra time to jazz up the photo with a backdrop or something but since I don't, I think my over-plastered smile does the trick}

ok.  So I attended Kim's "DI for the little guy" conference today.  I'm pretty sure, aside from Kim, I traveled the furthest to be there.  3 1/2 hours one way for a one day conference.  Would I do it again? In a HEARTBEAT!  

I'm not sure if you remember {hopefully not} but I recently blogged about how stressed out, etc.. I was with this school year.  I had been bogged down by the stress and weight of assessments that I had lost sight of what I loved most about teaching...THE KIDS!  Today, that stress and weight was lifted.  Kim TOTALLY rejuvenated me to get my butt in gear and have some fun with these kiddos!  I left feeling excited, ready, and VALIDATED! Yes, VALIDATED!!!  I had so many TONS of 'aha' moments throughout this conference.  So many, "OMG! I'm already doing that!" and "WOW! She really gets it!" Maybe that's because she's been teaching (now retired) for 30+ years and KNOWS HER STUFF!

After getting some much needed ZZZZ's I'm going to get right to work on my LONG list of 'to-do's' that I have grabbed from Kim.  This weekend I'm going to be the "loser" (as Kim refers to herself) and stay home and get busy making these new creations.  Can't wait to post pictures and catch you up to speed on what I've learned from this awesome educator. I just LOVE learning! :)

If you're looking for an amazing conference be sure to check her out.  In the meantime you can find her on her blog she shares with her daughter, Megan at Kindergals or on her website.


  1. So fun! I really want to go to that conference, too! She is coming here in April! After all you said, I will have to make it a must do! I would feel a little star struck! Ha!

  2. I feel much out of the loop. I've been teaching for 18 years and I don't know who Kim is. Looks like I'm missing out. (I think it's a very cute picture of the two of you.)

    Forever in First

  3. Awesome! What fun was that? Jealous!

  4. Oh how fun!!!! That's so awesome that you met Kim! I can't wait to hear what you learned!



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