Sunday, November 13, 2011

Save a Turkey!

One of my favorite Holidays to celebrate is Thanksgiving.  I think my favorite part is getting to all kinds of fun crafts with turkeys.  I love studying the Mayflower voyage and learning about the meaning of Thanksgiving and all that with the kiddos, however, making turkey crafts is so much fun! :)

I start off my turkey fun with by talking about what most people eat on Thanksgiving...turkey!  We talk about the turkey being a symbol for this holiday and what others foods we like to eat!  Then we read the story Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving.  
This story is so cute and funny.  The kids always get a giggle out of this story!
After reading the story we make these cute little turkeys:

I originally saw this cute little turkey design on Sarah Cooley's blog First Grader at Last.  Then I came across an idea for a picket sign and BAM here we have  our picketing turkey!!! I just think they are the cutest little guys!


  1. Love it! Do you happen to have your picket sign at home that you could send?

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  3. I love the little signs!! We do a Tom the Turkey activity, where the students take home a card stock turkey and disguise him, so he won't get eaten for Thanksgiving Dinner! The picket signs would go great with our turkeys! Thanks for sharing. :)


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