Sunday, November 13, 2011


WOW!  What can I say?! I am overjoyed for such a wonderful blog award. Thanks to Anita over at Mrs. Bremer's Kindergarten for the special honor!

Mrs. Bremer's Kindergarten

You should check out her blog.  Super cute ideas and a lot of great twists on classic lessons!  The joys of blogging.

With the award comes a couple rules:  list 7 things about myself and nominate 7 other blogs for the "On Fire Award!"  So .... here it goes:
1. After being moved to first grade last year a WHOPPING three days before school started, I can now say that first grade is my niche!  I love everything about first grade!!!

2. I live in Tallahassee FL and although it gets ridiculously hot and humid 80+% of the year, my windows are all open, the sun in shining bright, the leaves have changed their colors just enough, and I'm enjoying a cup of tea! :)

3.  After 5 years of marriage my husband and I are finally discussing the thought of having a little one!
4.  My mother is my biggest supporter in ALL that I do!

5.  I am the definition of a "daddy's girl"  :)  Love you dad!

6.  I am so OCD and a control freak that I would rather go to school sick than even toy with thought of making sub plans and allowing someone else to take over my room.

7.  If I wasn't an educator I would be a forensic scientist, or blood splatter analysis.  I know gross!  It's all the Snapped, 48 Hour Mystery, Dexter, and other shows/docudramas of sorts that I watch!  I'm so nosy that I HAVE to know what happened, how, and why.  I can get a little out of control. :)

Now for the 7 blogs.  I am giving this award to the 7 blogs that I began following when I first started 'blogging' a year and a half ago!  These are the ladies that inspire me on a daily basis and make me a better educator.  My room, curriculum, and way of work all mimic a combination of what these ladies do in their classroom.  There are SEVERAL new blogs that I love and am working on creating my own little award to present to these ladies.  Here we go:

Chalk Talk


Thanks for all the love! :)

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  1. Before a couple of days ago, I would have agreed about going in when I'm sick and not even thinking about sub plans. But now that I am sick and feel miserable, I am happily giving up some control so I can be okay soon!!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!


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