Monday, December 22, 2014

14 in 14

What an amazing year 2014 has been!  Best year yet and I'm going to share fourteen of my favorite memories from the year with you.

Starting the year with this man is always a blast and a blessing. Love him.
We had planned to join a group of friends for New Years and after getting all dressed up and fancy…we stayed home. Just the two of us and it was glorious! 

This picture holds lots of memories. It was my second day of spring break (who wants to be going into surgery on spring break?!), my hubby's friend from France had just arrived in the US for the first time and had to spend the first few days in the hospital with me (he became a very close friend after that), I was having my ovary removed, and I was already pregnant and didn't know it!

We welcomed my fifth niece into the world!
Taylor Grace is some sorta special and she has the sweetest big brothers.

I received two Donors Choose projects.
One project included a set of Guided Reading books. This sweet boy (who was bouncing as he read…hence the blurriness) learned how to read!!


I was pregnant for the majority of 2014.  I must say that pregnancy is not for me. I have ridiculous amounts of respect for women who can pop out and raise more than one kiddo.  It is no joke! I would not change anything for the world now!

I got to spend a lot of time relaxing by the water with good friends and family!
It helps that I live in FL and am only an hour away from the beach.

We became homeowners again and bought another "fixer-upper!" :)
I can not find my picture of the house before there was any work done to it.  Imagine three HUGE pine trees littering the left side of the picture and a TON of shrubs and crappy bushes littering the yard in a very unkept way.  Not to mention green shutters with red plates on the side of the house displaying the house number. YUCK!


I discovered the world's greatest form of peanut butter thanks to my fellow friends on IG!

Disclaimer: I have shorts on!
I was surprised by my two favorite Aunts who traveled from afar to join me at my first baby shower. This is the aftermath of that shower. We were organizing and condensing. I was truly blessed by the amount of gifts we received and am blessed to have such an amazing family. 


I got to take the most amazing baby-cation with my hubby in Cali in July.
Best (pre-baby) week ever.


The greatest memory…the birth of my son, Max Parker.
My world is forever changed.

{three, two, one}
Seriously can not get enough of him!!

It has been one amazing year.
My goal this upcoming year is to take better pictures! lol

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