Thursday, June 27, 2013

TBT, Take-Home Bag + FREEBIE!

I am L.O.V.I.N.G. summer!!
I spent the last week here with family:

Lets just say it was GLORIOUS! Ha!
Now that I'm back and all relaxed and rejuvenated it was time to get busy and that I did.    

I spent the past several days working and finally finished this little number:

I am beyond excited about this packet.  I have been using take-home-bags in my classroom ever since I started teaching {five years ago}.  I was first introduced to these little babies by my interning teacher and her colleagues.  A few of the ones they used, I included {with their permission} just a little more updated!  This packet is the BIGGEST packet I've ever created, reaching 176 pages!!!  It is loaded with 19 wonderful take home bags {crazy part is, I'm still working on adding a few more to the packet}!
Here's what's inside:

Head on over to my store to check it out.  I will have it set at $10 today only!  Then, it will creep back up to $12 where it will stay {even when I add more to it}!!

Because I love you all so much I'm giving my Mystery Bag away as a freebie!

{click the image}

Now for why you really came. :)
I'm taking you back to February 2011 and a couple reading organization tips I 'borrowed' from fellow bloggers {while adding my own flare, of course}.  You'll even notice I referenced Michelle Oakes by using her original class website {it was before she had a blog}! love it! Enjoy


Reading Organization

I have spent many hours browsing the web for ideas on how to revamp my classroom once I was reassigned to first grade.  I didn't want to spend a TON of money but knew that I was a little 'OCD' when it came to organization and coordination! :)  This is what I've come up with:
 Since my kiddos are in first grade now we no longer need those little cubbies, so I turned them into our class library!  I got all the baskets at the Dollar Tree (one of my all time favorite places to shop now).  They have really adorable stamps right now that are perfect for teachers! 
 I am a member of Thistlegirl DesignsDJ Inkers, and recently Scrappin' Doodles.  That is where I purchased all my graphics from!  I'm truly OBSESSED now!!  I got the idea to place corresponding stickers inside each book from Michelle over atFantastic First Grade! It's such a great visual and a great way for the kids to help keep the book nook nice and organized! 
 Above is a picture of my student's "book luggage."  This is used with our Daily Five.  I purchased the baskets from none other than the Dollar Tree and made the cute little luggage tag with a die-cut! Simple, easy, and cute!
Inside their book luggage are 'just right books,' some of their decodable books, a reading strategy bookmark, 'magic reading glasses (purchased from the Dollar Tree, lenses taken out), and an eyelighter. I've since placed a coaching sheet for when they are buddy reading.  After doing some blogging earlier I will be adding some more goodies to their book luggage!  I found some really great ideas from Brooke over at Primary Perspective.  Be sure to check it out if you are also using the Daily Five in your classroom!  Cute, cute stuff! 


  1. Those bags are really cute! I love that you have iron on transfers too so the bags themselves can be adorable! :)


  2. Hi!

    I love the idea of the take home bags. I agree with Sarah, the iron on graphics is a added plus.


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