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K- Daily Five Linky Party

Tammy over at Live, Love, Laugh is hosting a fabulous linky party/book study based on the Daily Five in Kindergarten.  Most of what I read so far on other ladies blogs really is relevant to all primary grades hoping to use the Daily Five.

As many of you know, I implemented the Daily Five two years ago, mid-year, with my very first year in first grade.  I taught two years in "K" before being moved up to 1st.  Well, this year, I am moving back down to the sweet little ones in Kindergarten!!!  I am very excited about it but am a little anxious about implementing the Daily Five in K.  

I have decided to link up and discuss what I have done with the Daily Five for the past two years.  Maybe something I have learned/or my successes can help you!  {I love reading/learning about what others do in their room}

Ok.  So Tammy has kicked off this book study with posing questions from Chapter One.  Here are my thoughts:)
 Number 1 & 2 are pretty much the same question, so I am combining them:

1. How do I teach new behaviors. 2. How do I teach expectations?
Repetition, repetition, repetition!!!!!!!  It is so important to SHOW your kiddos what is expected and what is not expected.  We read stories about certain behaviors, discuss, role play, sing songs and poems that remind us of certain rules.  
 The "Help Me Be Good" book series are my ABSOLUTE favorite to read with the kiddos when setting the stage for the year.  The kids always love them and find them funny!
Expectations are reviewed first thing in the morning and throughout the day.
Here's how: 
I began using components of Whole Brain Teaching in my classroom this year and it seemed to really work.  Repetition being the key!!  Each morning when the kiddos come in, right before we begin our Morning Meeting, we review the classroom rules {my behavioral expectations}. The kids do this by echoing what I say {or our captain of the day says}.  Here's what it might sound like: ME: "mirror" (raise hand, shoulder level) Kids: "mirror" (raise hand, shoulder level....this snags their attention) ME: "Rule One" Kids: "Rule One,"  ME: "Listen when the teacher is talking" (said with hand motion...make hand talk) KIDS: "Listen when the teacher is talking" (doing hand motion), ME: Rule Two...etc...
We do it in funny voices and exaggerated motions.  Works wonderfully! :)

I also remind students throughout the day of acceptable behavior by pointing out students making good choices rather than directly getting on to a student making a poor choice.
"WOW! I love how "so-and-so" is working so quietly.  I can tell they're working hard" or "I love how 'so-and-so' is using capital letters at the beginning of their sentences.  I can tell they're ready to sign our 'Capital Letter Club'" OR "I know 'so-and-so' is ready for the hall.  Look how quiet they are standing! They have a duck tale, bubble, and are facing forward! That's fabulous!" etc...

3. How do I monitor student behavior? whole group? small group? individual?
I am always observing my kids.  I a hawk!  Individual student behavior is monitored by a clip chart.  {I am currently updating my clip chart and adding a 5th color}.  Each day the students begin on 'green.'  Students can move their clips up and down depending on their choices.  This year my firsties really took moving their clip "down" to heart and most would change their behavior instantly and work the rest of the day to move their clip back up.  
Clips colors are like this (hanging top to bottom):
Gold - You are Golden (my room is a pirate theme)
Purple - Way to Go
Green - Keep it up (this is where kids start every morning)
Yellow - 1st Warning (I might change this to Stop and Think)
Red - Stop and Think  (Might change this to "walk the plank")
I also have a "think seat" where I send kiddos when they need a moment to remove themselves from the class to collect themselves and their thoughts. :) They also have to write about it on a simple form.  They simply draw what happened, write about it, and sign their name.  The paper goes home to their parents to sign and return.  Just a way to let the parents know their kiddo needed a minute to regroup themselves and the behavior can be discussed at home and at school so that it won't happen again.  Parents also sign students daily behavior log found in their FISH Books (updated post coming soon on these).

Whole Group: I use Sparklers!!!!  I also have a "Mystery Phrase."  Kiddos have to earn a compliment to turn over a letter.  Once they've turned over all the letters they get whatever treat it says (i.e.: Picnic, Free Choice, Popsicle Party, Movie, Extra Recess, etc...)

    4. What do I do when a student is not exhibiting desired behavior.
See above.
Students also lose recess time.

5. Whose classroom is it?
It is OUR classroom.  My goal at the beginning of each year is to establish a sense of family in our classroom.  Although I might be the "leader," I set my classroom up so that each student is responsible for their own behavior and learning.  

6. Locus of Control.
I like for my kiddos to take responsibility for each action they make. Good or bad.  
While during the Daily Five the past two years I've had my kids put out their own "fires." For instance if they are reading to self and another students tries to talk/distract them, the student simply puts a finger over their mouth (the sssshhh symbol) and shakes their head "no" and goes right back to reading.  Works like a charm.  If a student continues to bother someone they say "please stop. I am learning."  Seriously.  Worked each time! :)

Incentives are the best tool however, with the little ones! :)  I use Sparklers, Mystery Word/Phrase (see above for both), Treasure Box (only for those who earn purple/gold ALL week), really just praise and acknowledgment for good behavior/choices really works marvelously and I don't have to purchase a thing for it! :)

 7. Where are supplies stored?
Hhhmmm....Items are stored in many different things and in many different places throughout our classroom.  Take a peak at my room HERE if you're interested in seeing my set up from last year.  Not sure how it will look this year! :)  Might just switch it up! 

Next up, Chapter Two, hosted by Caitlin from Kindergarten Smiles.

I love the Daily Five and am so excited to use it for the first time in Kindergarten after two very successful years implementing it in First Grade!!!!  

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  1. I loved reading your comments about implementing Daily 5 in 1st. Your mention of the Whole Brain techniques to review expectations was fascinating. After I finish this study of Daily 5, I'm going to set a goal to learn about Whole Brain and choose some aspects to implement next year.


  2. Love that you use WBT to help model behaviors! This has worked for me as well. =)
    The Daily Cupcake…A Kindergarten Blog

  3. I've had you on my Google Reader for quite awhile now, but didn't realize how awesome you were. This will be my second year doing a pirate theme (don't you LOVE it?!?) and can't believe I didn't realize you were doing one too. Thanks so much for posting your great ideas on Daily 5 and WBT. I'm going to be incorporating both of these (as well as CAFE, but I'm going to do the FACE of a Reader - I think). Thanks again!

  4. I love it when children take matters into their own hands! I am fond of using brain-based teaching in my classroom too! I look forward to learning more from you!

  5. I am your newest follower! I am loving your ideas and how you use the Daily 5-- can't wait to read more!

  6. So many good things to think about here! I have just fallen in love here and I am following you now!

    I also used D5 when I taught 1st and 2nd but super nervous about using it in kinder. I know we will learn lots and do a fabulous job!

    Kindergarten Lifestyle

  7. You ladies are so awesome! Thanks for the sweet comments. It's always nice to hear that I've said something you can use! :)

    Excited to continue this journey!

  8. Love the pirate theme! I think I may have to get those Help Me Be Good books.

  9. I love your comments on Daily Five! I've used D5 for the last couple of years and I LOVE it! I also use the compliment idea. My kiddos spell compliment and then I surprise them with a treat. I like your idea of spelling the name of the treat!

    Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower and I will definitely be back! :)


  10. Great, great, GREAT post!! Thank you for linking up! I love the Sparkler idea. What a great way to promote team work. I need to learn more about whole brain
    Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

  11. WOW! Thank you for all the tips and suggestions in this post! I'm definitely considering trying the daily 5 in my Kindergarten class this year. I'm also going to look into the "Help me be good" book series, it sounds PERFECT for the beginning of the year! I have used sparklers with my class but like the idea of having a couple different incentives to keep their behavior in check. I am big on giving the kids control over their situation and really liked how you have them put a finger over their mouth and shake their head. We use "please stop" on a regular basis but this is a great visual reminder. Thanks!


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