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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


As part of our insect unit we learned a lot about bees (and ants, and butterflies, and dragonflies, and SO many more)!  Ms. Frizzle and the Magic Schoolbus gang were of big help in really sparking an EVEN greater interest of insects.  I love their books and fun videos! I mean who doesn't like Ms. Frizzle!!  They're so engaging.

Okay.  Back to bees.  So I'm so overwhelmed with all the testing and stress of this year and trying to "fit it all in" and my favorite thing to do with the kiddos is make super cute craftivities that allow us to either paint, glue, cut, draw, and/or use our imagination.  So...I DID! This is a super easy 'art' project that we created as a culminating activity.  And while we were at it I gave each kiddo a large index card which we then wrote an acrostic poem for bees!

 {So annoyed that the picture will not rotate properly...sorry}

The bee is made out of a paper plate.  I then drew lines on the paper plates for the students to paint (have them paint all the yellow stripes THEN the black).  The wings are wax paper, the stinger is just construction paper, and the eyes are black beans!  Quick, easy, and super cute! 


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