Sunday, April 22, 2012

28 days...

I am so excited that we only have 28 days left of school!!  I mean I. AM. EXCITED.  I'm not sure how your sweet little's are doing as the end of the year approaches but I am really struggling with classroom management right now.  All the wonderful management tools I've used all year {that have WORKED beautifully...I promise} are all of a sudden chopped liver!  Are you having these issues or is it just me?  And if your sweeties are getting a little "out of control" what are you doing to ring them back in?  

Aside from the stressful week I had last week and the "oh so fun" week ahead {we have a FULL week of IOWA testing...side note...I don't live in IOWA} I got some sort of stomach bug Friday night and was out of commission ALL DAY yesterday.  No fun!  This morning after 12 {yes, 12} hours of sleep I feel a gobzillion times better.  I even finished whipping up my end of the year awards.  I've used these awards last year, however, they were in need of cuter font and clipart.  Here's the preview:

You can check them out at my TPT Store HERE.  There's a sample download too!
Here's how I give the awards.  I first let the kiddos vote on who they believe deserves each award.  They LOVE doing this!  Usually they're right on target too!  After they're done voting and I tally up the awards I write the kiddos names and laminate them.  Then, I present them at our classroom awards ceremony.  Last year was my first year holding a classroom awards ceremony and it was SO much fun!  I created somewhat formal invitations for the parents and we decorated our room to look like a hollywood awards ceremony!  It was so much fun.  This year I will be rolling out the red carpet one more time!

Since I'm feeling better and I've had the wonderful joys of blogland to keep me occupied during my stint on the couch this weekend, I will give these awards away to the first 3 people who comment!  Make sure to leave your email! 


  1. I would love to use these awards in my classroom! thanks for sharing your creativity!

  2. Would love these cute awards! How fun. Andrea.klemmt@ :)

  3. Love these!

  4. These look soooo cute!!

    The First Grade Dream

  5. I do understand behavior problems at this time of year. I've been talking a lot about self-control bubbles. It's helping.

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  6. I love the awards ceremony idea!! Too cute!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  7. Mrs. McHaffie,

    My name is Laura Ellenburg, and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama.
    Great idea about having the students vote for their classmates to receive the awards! I love that you invite the parents to attend the award ceremony as well. I think that it is very important for parents to be involved with student activites.


  8. I love the idea of a classroom awards ceremony using these cutie patootie awards. However, what do you do if you have more than 20 students? Does each student get an award or do you give out more than one of some of them?




  9. Love your blog! I am your newest follower! Stop by and visit me...

  10. Hey Ashley,

    When I have more than 20 students, I usually will give out a couple awards twice. For instance on the Mr./Ms. awards, I will give out to a girl, one to a boy. That makes two extra awards. If there is more than 22 students in your class (I feel sorry for you) then I would just use some awards that you can find at the $1 store. I've never had more students than 22. I hope that's helpful!

    Thanks for following along!

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  12. So cute! I love love love your blog!

    Lohren Nolan


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