Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So this year has been ALL about objectives and rubrics and the 'showing' of them.
Over the summer I purchase Deanna Jump's common core standard packet because I liked the idea of having something that I could interchange when needed and something that seemed kid friendly and easy for parents to see, read, and understand.  Then I went to Kim Adsit's conference {have I mentioned how amazing this woman is}.  I had more "aha" moments at her conference than I have had in, lets just say, awhile!  She began speaking about objectives and how in her district everything had to have a "purpose" for why it was there.  For instance she couldn't have the students names on the wall without their being some sort of purpose or objective.  SO to overstep the hoopla she typed up questions to show an essential question/objectives.  Next to her names on the wall she posted the essential question, "Do we know our friends names?"  BRILLIANT I say!  
side note: isn't it kind of sad that kindergarten and first grade has to 'limit' their crafts and "fun" stuff?!

So here are some pics and explanations:

 The above picture is showing my math standard that I was teaching that lesson and the essential question.  What Kim showed us at her conference, and what I later did, was that for each of her lessons she had the benchmark/standard listed with the essential question.  Then, not only are her administrators happy that they can see it plain as day and they see it being used with students, but the students really get an idea of what they're learning!

I went ahead and snagged two small chart paper tablets and wrote all the standards and questions for the next month worth of lessons.  I will be laminating them and putting them into a more organized order/fashion so that they're readily available and accessible next year {and the years to come}.

This is also a great way to check for understanding with your kiddos.  Instead of my kids writing on their papers a rubric score stating whether they understand or not mine put a finger close to their heart before they break up into independent work.  For example, if someone understands the math/writing/reading concepts and feels confident in completing their work independently they hold up one finger close to their heart.  If they mostly understand but have a question, they hold up a two, and if they don't really get it and need extra practice/help they hold up a three.  What I love is that it's "close to their heart" so nobody else can see it.  We also talk alot about how everyone learns differently so my kids don't bat an eye with being honest with themselves.

The following picture is just to show you how I have my common core standards posted.  This is my 'parent info' door.  It's also great for when we have people dropping in who want to ask certain questions regarding our schedule, etc... they can just check out our door!

Well there you have it.  In a nutshell.  Or not.  How do you display your objectives?


  1. we use anchor charts to display our objectives. We turn them into "I can" statements. You can check A few put on my blog.

  2. Looks great...very similar to what I do in my room! =)
    First Grade Blue Skies


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