Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things I love...

I'm so excited about Mrs. Snowden's Giveaway!  I'm wanting to start my own little blog for my classroom and am in LOVE with how cute her blog is!!  You should definitely do yourself a favor and stop by!
I'm also in love and OBSESSED with Pinterest!!!  Have you become addicted as well?  My word!  I could spend all night on there! 
I'm also loving my new classroom theme..pirates and can not wait to get back into my room and start setting things up.  Okay, I can wait but it is exciting!!  If you have any adorable ideas/pictures/links/etc... that have to do with pirate/nautical themes I would LOVE to hear/see them!  I've already snagged so many ideas but would love some more!
I'm currently working on repainting a stool and I must say... I'm going to be giving myself some major props in the next few days!  It's turning out so good. I will be sure to share as soon as I finish! Woohoo!  Guess this is my second "what I'm loving Wednesdays" post :)


  1. I don't know if your interested but at Joanne Fabrics they have small, medium and large wooden treasure chests for sale.

  2. Pirates is such a cute theme! I can't wait to see everything you incorporate.
    I'm also excited to see your stool that you're working on! :)
    Playground Duty

  3. I am also doing a Pirate them this year! I'm so excited that I have a corner of my apartment filled with pirate stuff. Check out Scrapping Doodles for some really cute pirate graphics.

  4. My theme is pirates too :) Hobby Lobby has a few cute pirate-y things! Can't wait to see what use!

  5. I also host a What I'm Loving Wednesday link up at my blog if you want to join in :)

  6. what a fun blog you have! love your blog design, too! :)

  7. I love the theme of pirates (and the title of your blog)! As teachers, we definitely have to beg, borrow and steal great ideas. Thanks for sharing yours!

  8. Thanks for posting about the giveaway! Your blog is super cute! I glad you want to win for a classroom blog! Haha!

    1st Grade with Miss Snowden

  9. I am quickly becoming addicted to Pinterest! I don't know your name, but you can click the link to find me from my blog!

    Thanks for sharing your terrific creations, too. Adorable!


  10. Just found Pinterest this week and it is awesome!! Just found your blog and became a follower so two lucky catches this week!!


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