Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Writer's Workshop

I must admit that when I was moved to First Grade three days before school started this year, I was a little nervous and really had no idea of what to expect and what expectations were going to be placed on me and my new group of kiddos.  I have embraced first grade and LOVE IT... however, have slacked on my writer's workshop!  B-U-T thanks to Erica Bohrer and her amazing unit Writer's Workshop (available at her TPT store) I have begun to create some awesome little author's!

While searching for a book on Amazon to introduce letter writing to my sweet firsties (surprisingly, I could not find a decent enough book in my school library...shocking!) I stumbled across some awesome books:

These two stories are ADORABLE and my kiddos were glued to the text and illustrations.  Just like Erica does in her writer's workshop, we spent a lot of time prior to and after reading discussing the story and the elements of the story, as well as the elements in how to the characters wrote the poem and story.  It was such a great way to introduce them to writing topics.  Much better than I could!!! :)

Happy Hump-Day!


  1. Love your idea. Thanks for sharing those books. When I went to Amazon I saw that there is a series of books. My husband does not thank you, but I so do! Your blog is great!

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I am so happy you liked my unit. I am going to have to check out these books and add them to the list.

  3. I love this too- so awesome. go workshop!!! =)


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