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  1. Hey Kelly!!
    It's Courtney from the Kindergarten conference. I love your blog spot!! So stinkin cute!! I had a quick question, who was it that you told me I needed to check out their blog/website and TPT store? I could not remember for the life of me. I swore I wrote it down, but have searched and not found it. LOl!! Take care, it was so nice to meet you.
    ** Courtney :)

  2. Hey! I think it's Shari Sloane (!!!

    SO good to meet you too! Was nice to have someone to chat with! Take Care!

  3. My heart belongs to kinder and first grade. Taught these grades for almost 20 yrs. Started selling my own materials then... I was moved to fifth grade!! I found out like it also but now I am a fifth grade bilingual teacher starting from scratch. I think some of your activities can also be used by them. I will use the snowball fight idea. The kids will love it!!! Thanks for sharing. ( gracias) Check my pages out also ;) Dolly Loaiza in Dallas Texas


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